University of Delaware Library Mission Statement

The mission of the University of Delaware Library is to gather, organize, preserve, and provide access to the information resources necessary for the University of Delaware to achieve its educational, research, and service goals.

This mission is supplemented by two secondary missions. The first is to improve and expand access to information in all forms, using innovative technology; the second is, as the primary library in the State and the only library having a comprehensive and broadly based collection, to assist in meeting the needs of library users in the State of Delaware.

Adopted January 1981
Reaffirmed October 1993

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  • AskRef to ask brief questions about research.
  • AskCirc to ask about your Library account, fines and billing, Library cards, books that are checked out, or the Library's lost and found.
  • AskSMDC to ask questions about the Student Multimedia Design Center.
  • AskSpec to ask questions concerning holdings in the Special Collections Department.