Staff List

 Name Title Phone
Area Code=302
Debbie Booth Library Assistant II
234 Cannon Marine Studies Lab
Susan Borst Library Assistant III
221 Sharp Lab
Juliana Cardullo Library Assistant II 831-2432
Sean Diffendall Technology Support Specialist I 831-2432
Ellen Erbe Library Assistant III
234 Cannon Marine Studies Lab
Meg Grotti Associate Librarian and Program Coordinator, Instructional Services 831-6310
Michael Gutiérrez Associate Librarian 831-6076
Pauly Iheanacho Librarian 831-6946
Jonathan Jeffery Associate Librarian and Assistive Technology Center Librarian 831-6945
Sarah Katz Assistant Librarian and UDLIB/SEARCH Training Coordinator 831-6306
Rebecca C. Knight Associate Librarian 831-1730
Dianna McKellar Librarian and UDLIB/SEARCH Training Coordinator 831-0790
Thomas Melvin Librarian 831-6230
Deb Morley Librarian and Head, Reference and Instructional Services Department
Coordinator, Branch Libraries
Mark Murphy Library Assistant III 831-6949
Kathy Roth Library Assistant III 831-6949
Carol A. Rudisell Librarian 831-6942
William Simpson Associate Librarian and Institutional Repository Librarian 831-0188
Linda Stein Librarian 831-6159
Barbara Vaughn Library Assistant III
202 Brown Lab