User Access to Library Resources

The University of Delaware Library gathers, organizes, preserves and provides access to the information resources necessary for the University of Delaware to achieve its educational, research, and service goals. The University of Delaware Library, through its collections, services and staff, is an essential and vital component in the intellectual life of the University of Delaware. Rapid technological advances in the area of information storage, retrieval, and delivery are making it possible to expand access to a world of information beyond the Library’s walls. By providing optimum access to information regardless of its location, the Library supports the teaching and research missions of the University of Delaware in new and enhanced ways.

Physical Access to the Morris Library and Branch Libraries

The University of Delaware Library consists of the Morris Library and four Branch Libraries: the Chemistry Library in Brown Lab, the Physics Library in Sharp Lab, the Education Resource Center in the Willard Hall Education Building and the Marine Studies Library in Lewes, Delaware. All individuals have walk-in access to the Morris Library and Branch Libraries. The main entrance to the Morris Library is handicapped accessible. For more information see Library Services for Users with Disabilities.

At the Morris Library, entrance turnstiles and a Welcome Desk staffed by the University of Delaware Police Department provide enhanced safety and security for all visitors.  University of Delaware students, faculty and staff can hold their University of Delaware ID cards (ONEcards) against a card reader to lower the turnstile and enter the Library. Visitors who do not have ONEcards need to visit the Welcome Desk to sign in and show photo identification to enter the Library.  Examples of acceptable photo identification include:

  • School-issued identification cards
  • State-issued identification cards
  • Government-issued identification cards

Visitors who are 16 years of age or older can present one of these types of photo identification to sign in and be admitted to the building.  Frequent visitors to the Library who are 18 years of age or older can register for a free Library ONEcard that does not include borrowing privileges but provides building entry through the turnstiles.  Library Public Borrowers receive Library ONEcards to check out materials and enter the building through the turnstiles. Visitors under 16 years of age need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian in order to sign in at the Welcome Desk and enter the Morris Library.  For their safety and well-being, children should be accompanied by an adult at all times.


Physical Access to the Morris Library

Users with disabilities have physical access to the Morris Library through the main entrance ramp and power-assisted doors.  All visitors to the Morris Library need to have photo identification to enter the building, e.g., a UD ONEcard, a U.S. driver’s license or a government-issued or school-issued photo ID.  Frequent visitors to the Morris Library, who are 18 years of age or older and who do not have a ONEcard, may visit the Circulation and Reserve desk to register and have their photo taken for a free Library Frequent Visitor card. Once received, this ID can then be used with the card reader at the turnstiles for easy access to the building. The entrance security gates of the Morris Library are wheelchair-accessible.

The elevator located off of the Information Room and the elevator located behind the south atrium stairway are equipped with controls at wheelchair height. The Reference and Circulation Desk counters have been modified to a lower level for the convenience of library users in wheelchairs. Computers, bathrooms and water fountains are also available for wheelchair access. Red phones for emergency assistance are located at each main stairwell exit on each floor.

Parking at the Morris Library
Handicapped parking spaces are available in the parking lot of the Library’s south side. The vehicle should have a UD parking permit or a Visitor Pass and have either a handicapped tag or license plate. If the handicapped spaces are full, parking is allowed in service vehicle spaces. If both designated spaces are full, metered spaces may be used.

Film and Video Collection

Users may view videos which are available with closed captioning on four video stations in the Film and Video Collection Department on the Lower Level of the Morris Library.

In instances in which users with disabilities wish to view videos in the Library and require vocal narration or discussion between a viewer and an accompanying assistant, requests to view a video must be given to the Film and Video Collection Department 24 hours in advance.  The advance notice will allow library personnel to arrange for a screening site that will not disturb other library users in the viewing carrels.

Photocopy and Scanning Services
Users with disabilities who have difficulty using self-service copiers may bring materials to the Student Multimedia Design Center desk on the lower level of the Morris Library. Materials will be photocopied and scanned by library staff.

Book Renewals
University of Delaware Library Users may view their library account information and renew library books online through the “My Library Account” link on the front library page. An authentication will be required with a UDEL Net ID and password. The account has a renew option.   Materials borrowed from the University of Delaware Library may also be renewed by calling 831-2455.

Emergency Evacuation of Library Users with Disabilities
Library users who are not able to use the stairs to evacuate the building should move to one of the three interior stairways designated as an Area of Rescue. The stairway landings of the South Central, North Central and East Central interior stair towers on the Lower Level, Second and Third Floors are designated as Areas of Rescue. Each of these stairway landings has a fire protection rating of two hours. Each is marked by a gray sign with a wheel chair symbol to the right of the stairway door.  There is also an 11” by 17” sign on the stairway door with the following information. The patron should then tell Public Safety the number on the phone. The number will identify the location of the caller to Public Safety. These phones are located throughout the building near the elevators and stair towers. If needed, there is a red emergency phone located outside Room 119 of the Assistive Technology Center at the stairwell exit.

Access to Electronic Resources in the Library

The University of Delaware Library, Museums and Press provides access to DELCAT Discovery, the online catalog of library collections; over 37,000 electronic journals; and more than 360 Library Databases, including bibliographic and full text information, on more than 200 computer workstations located throughout the Morris Library and Branch Libraries. A vast number of these electronic resources are also available to University of Delaware students, faculty and staff via the University of Delaware computing network, accessible in residence halls, classrooms, offices, and from home. Library Databases are not available from outside the Library to users who are not University of Delaware students, faculty, or staff, due to database license restrictions. The Library also provides access to the Web, which contains millions of links to web sites throughout the world. To assist users in navigating the Web, the Library has created more than 190 online research guides in academic disciplines. These guides are accessible to all users via the Library Web. Each online subject guide includes an Internet Resources section that points to a selection of some of the best web sites in each subject area. Find subject pages under “Research Guides.”

Children’s Use of the Library and Electronic Resources

The Morris Library is a six-acre, four-floor building with seating for over 2,500 users and is open to the public 100 hours per week during the academic year. For their safety and well-being, children should be accompanied by an adult at all times. Parents, not the Library, are responsible for children’s use of the Library including access to electronic resources. The Library provides electronic access to the complete Web, the online catalog DELCAT Discovery, more than 360 Library Databases, and over 37,000 current journals and newspapers via full-text databases and electronic journals. Children under 18 years of age who are not University of Delaware students will not be permitted to use the Film & Video Collection Department viewing carrels. The Library provides tours and orientations for school groups, which are generally from high schools. Tours and orientations need to be arranged in advance, and the Library recommends one adult accompany each five students. For more information related to school group tours see “Resource for School Groups Visiting the Library.” Public schools in the state of Delaware provide K-12 students with access to networked, full-text electronic databases within their public schools and public school libraries which provide access to electronic encyclopedias and online magazines and newspapers. This access is provided via a state-funded partnership with the University of Delaware Library and the Delaware Department of Education called UDLib/SEARCH (University of Delaware Library/Statewide Electronic Access to Resources via Computers for High Schools). For more information, students or their families should check their local public school library. Public libraries in Delaware also provide electronic resources appropriate for school-age children through the Delaware Library Catalog: The Digital Library of the First State. DelAWARE, managed by the Delaware Division of Libraries, provides online information and services that are available in all public libraries and at home to users with Delaware public library cards. The databases accessible to users of the Delaware public library systems include most of the databases available via UDLib/SEARCH in schools. For more information about the Delaware Library Catalog, visit a local public library or go to the following Web page:

Behavior and Security

The Morris Library is a six-acre, four-floor building with seating for over 2,500 users and is open to the public 100 hours per week during the academic year. For Library hours, check the Library website or call 302-831-BOOK.

It is necessary for Library users to:

  • Be considerate of others by maintaining an atmosphere conducive to work, research, study, and reading. Students may be asked to lower the volume of their voices if their use of the facilities is disruptive to others. There are areas of the Library which are quiet areas, including the Reading Room and Reference Room on the first floor. The Student Multimedia Design Center is not a quiet area, although students tend to police themselves during certain times of year, such as during finals. There are also less quiet areas near service desks, because talking must occur to assist users in person and by phone.Headphones can be checked out from the Student Multimedia Design Center for use on computers throughout the Library. University of Delaware students may reserve group study rooms in the Morris Library. Please consult the Morris Library Map for the locations of the group study rooms. The Morris Library Commons is located at the entrance to the Morris Library and provides an area for conversation and food.Cell phone conversations should take place in stairwells, in the Commons, or outside.
  • Bring no food or open drink containers into the University of Delaware Library. Beverages in resealable containers (such as bottles with screw tops, and mugs or cups with lids) are the only refreshments that may be consumed in the Library. No food or beverages are permitted at all in the Special Collections Department and the Film & Video Collection Department. The Morris Library Commons, located at the entrance to the Morris Library, is the best place to consume food and drink.
  • Take care of library materials and equipment, which are acquired as resources to be shared by many users now and in the future.
  • Use the red security telephones available throughout the Morris Library for security or safety concerns. Lifting the phone receiver on any red security phone will immediately connect users with University of Delaware Public Safety without inputting a phone number. Users may also contact the nearest Library staff member at a service desk who will then contact the Public Safety Officer in the Morris Library, or summon assistance from outside the Library. University of Delaware Public Safety can also be contacted at (302) 831-2222.
  • Leave no personal items unattended at tables and carrels. Lost and Found is located at the Circulation and Reserve Desk.
  • Be considerate of other users and avoid inappropriate behavior, such as rollerblading.
  • Accompany children in the Library at all times. Children should be accompanied by an adult and should never be left unattended.