Food and Beverage Policy

The University of Delaware Library has a responsibility to provide an environment that is conducive to study and research as well as an environment that is protective of library materials. Consumption of food or beverages in the Library can have a negative effect on the atmosphere for research and study and on the ability of the University of Delaware Library to maintain and preserve materials, equipment, and the facility.

Beverages in resealable containers (such as bottles with screw tops, and mugs or cups with lids) are the only refreshments that may be consumed in the Library. Users need to keep these containers closed when not in use to avoid accidental spills. All food and beverages in open containers may be consumed in the Commons, where library books and equipment are not as vulnerable to damage.

Library staff or Public Safety staff may ask users in the Library to dispose of beverages in open containers or to put food items away in a backpack or other bag.


Approved by Library Executive Council
March 20, 1986

Revision Approved by Library Executive Council
January 5, 1995

Revision Approved by Library Executive Council
September 27, 2001

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