Graduate Student Carrels

The University of Delaware offers dedicated library research space for a limited time in the Morris Library to University of Delaware matriculated graduate students who have a valid University of Delaware I.D. There are 86 graduate carrels located on the second and third floors of the Morris Library. The carrels are:

  • Assigned for one academic year, with the possibility of renewal by students who comply with the policies and procedures for use of the carrel.
  • Assigned on a “first come, first served” basis.
  • Assigned to two UD graduate students simultaneously, with each graduate student occupant assigned to his/her own unique locking shelf to store personal materials.
  • Equipped with task lighting and data connectivity ready for use with the individual’s laptop using a roaming IP address.

University of Delaware graduate students interested in obtaining a carrel may obtain the Application for Graduate Student Carrels from the Library Administration office, room 210 (second floor), or the Circulation Desk in the Morris Library, you can also download a copy here:  Application for Graduate Carrel

A copy of “Library Graduate Student Carrels Policies and Procedures” is given to each applicant and includes an application, this can also be downloaded here:  Graduate Carrel Policy 2013

The completed application should be submitted to the Library Administration office, room 210 during standard office hours. Completed applications require the signature of the chairperson of his/her department or faculty advisor, endorsing their active graduate student status and the need for a carrel for library related research. Please call 831-2231 for additional information.

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