Teaching Online with Media Content via Film and Video

Incorporating media into online courses can be difficult based on varying availability of copyright-compliant, licensed options.  The Library can help you determine what options may suit your and your students’ needs.

Readily-Available Resources

The Library subscribes to streaming media databases which provide access to 100,000+ titles, so some of your desired films may already be available as eVideos.  eVideos appear in DELCAT, so you may wish to search for your titles there as a first step.

Licenseable Content

Instructors may send a list of video titles they are using to teach to the Film & Video librarian (Meghann Matwichuk, mtwchk@udel.edu) or the AskFilm&Video service with as much advance notice as possible.  If the content is available to be licensed via institutional licensing partners with which the Library works (such as Kanopy, Swank, etc.), the Library will do so pending budget availability.  This can generally be accomplished within 1-2 business days. If the content is licenseable directly via the distributor, the Library will attempt to pursue that option, although this can take longer (e.g. several weeks to a month or more).

Non-licenseable Content

If content is not licenseable (or not licenseable in time), please consider the following approaches:

  1. Are there other low-cost options for your students to view your desired title?  These may include temporary subscriptions to consumer-based streaming services such as Netflix / Hulu / Amazon Prime, etc.  Alternately, students may rent many films via iTunes / Amazon / YouTube rentals, etc. These resources can be helpful in determining what content is available via which services: JustWatch and/or ReelGood
  2. Explore alternate content — The Library subscribes to streaming media databases with access to 100,000+ titles across many subject areas. See our Media research guide to learn more about these databases.  You may also search for Videos available online (use the ‘Show Only – Available online’ facet on the left-hand side of your screen after running your search).

If none of these options are suitable, consider your (copy)rights!  View answers to your Copyright Questions for Teaching a Course Remotely.

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