Virtual Teaching Support

To provide equally excellent service and a consistent learning experience for students who are able to attend in-person classes and especially for those who are not able to be on campus, our teaching and learning services will continue in Spring 2021 in an entirely virtual medium.

Based upon the course goals and unique needs of faculty and their students, our teaching staff are available to:

  • Design digital materials, such as videos, worksheets and research guides, to support students’ engagement with their research and multimedia projects asynchronously.
  • Moderate discussions in Canvas courses to support students’ success in research and multimedia assignments.
  • Meet synchronously with students via Zoom for full class sessions or small group consultations.
  • Consult with your faculty about including digital facsimiles of materials from our collections, exhibitions and elsewhere into their courses.

In order for our staff to create virtual learning experiences that are relevant, meaningful and effective, faculty should reach out to their liaison librarian or to a member of the Library, Museums and Press teaching team as early as possible.

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