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Cabell’s Scholarly Analytics is a database of journals describing peer-review policy, fees, quality metrics, and other features that researchers find helpful in making decisions about where to publish. Included are the impact factors from Journal Citation Reports, the Altmetric score, and its own Cabells classification index (CCI). The CCI is citation-based, using Scopus as its data source where available, to measure influence and quality in a subject area. A journal can have multiple CCIs if it encompasses multiple disciplines or multiple topics in the disciplines. The CCI is calculated using the average citation rate across three years and standardized in a discipline or topic.

Cabell’s consists of the Whitelist of reputable journals and the Blacklist of questionable journals. Each is navigated separately. The Whitelist provides descriptive information for each journal, guiding authors to those journals that correspond to their publication needs. Users can search for specific journals and filter by discipline or topic, publisher, International Standard Serial Number (ISSN), open access, and various metrics. The Blacklist search engine permits searching by keyword, publisher, open access, and ISSN.

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