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The Jazz Discography is the most up-to-date general discography of all categories of recorded jazz, from 1896 to October 2018. It covers all categories of jazz and other creative improvised music, including Traditional, Swing, Bop, Modern, Avant-garde, Fusion, Third Stream, etc.

The Jazz Discography provides a detailed listing of recording sessions, each with specific information:

  • Leader name (or Group name)
  • Published album title
  • Group name
  • Musicians, with instrument(s) played
  • Location and date of recording session
  • Tune names, including “matrix” and release numbers for 78 & 45 rpm, LPs, CDs & DLs (Internet downloads)

Additional introductory/overview information is available at https://www-lordisco-com.udel.idm.oclc.org/tjd/help/intro.jsp.

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