AR and GA join the NDNP!

A very warm welcome goes out to our newest partners in Arkansas and Georgia! Our Wisconsin partner, who started in 2015 with the DDNP, has also been renewed for a second phase grant!

We look forward to working with all of our state partners in the coming years!

To read more about the newest members, visit the article by NEH:

DDNP Receives Phase II NEH Grant Funding!!

Although we are still winding down work on our Phase I grant cycle, the DDNP has received word that we will be funded for Phase II, 2017-2019!! This $253,869 grant will fund an additional 100,000 pages of historic Delaware newspapers and will focus on two titles that eventually merged to become what we know of as The News Journal:

Read more about this grant funding in the University of Delaware’s UDaily article:

Clawson Lecture Video Now Available

Did you miss “The Aftermath of the American Civil War for Delaware” lecture by Lucas R. Clawson on July 20th? The video is now freely available for viewing courtesy of the University of Delaware Library:

You can also access this video and the accompanying slides on the Library’s UDSpace:

The DDNP Team would like to thank Nico Carver, Senior Assistant Librarian and Coordinator of the Student Multimedia Design Center Services, and Mark Grabowski, Head of Library Data and Server Management, for their help in taping and providing access.

New Content for July!

The Library of Congress has added our next batch (lovingly known as “Jinx”) to Chronicling America! We now have over 84K pages of Delaware content now available for free, full-text searching.

This recent batch includes roughly 10K pages from six newly-added titles:

For those of you who were inspired by the lecture by Hagley Historian Lucas R. Clawson to do additional research on the aftermath of the American Civil War in Delaware, these six titles provide a wealth of information for that time period.

We still have two batches and approximately 10K additional pages left on this grant cycle, so stayed tuned for additional content announcements!

Newark Post highlights ChronAm/DDNP

A recent article featured in the Newark Post highlights the contributions the Delaware Digital Newspaper Project (DDNP) to the Chronicling America database, including, of course, the Newark Post (1910-1922)!

View full article on Newark Post Online

Many thanks go out to the Newark Post staff, especially editor Josh Shannon, for their help in making these historic issues freely-available through ChronAm and the UD Library’s UDSpace. Scanning of more recent issues is in process, but you can currently access 1910-2011:

View Newark Post on UDSpace


New DE Content for June!

This June, the Library of Congress has been uploading a lot of new content to Chronicling America, and the DDNP has new totals to announce:

  • Titles — 15
  • Issues — 16,733
  • Historical essays — 14
  • Pages — 74,444

Newly-added titles include Delaware Gazette and State Journal (1884-1902), Delaware Tribune (1867-1877), and the Newark Post (1910-1922). Full list of digitized titles on ChronAm can be found here:

A total of 104 titles and 90K pages are expected to round out the two year grant cycle, so keep an eye out on Twitter, Facebook, and this blog (Batch/Title Scheduling) for updates.


July 20, 2017 — Hagley Historian Guest Lecture

Lucas R. Clawson, Reference Archivist and Historian, Hagley Museum and Library

The Delaware Digital Newspaper Project team would like to invite all of you to save the date for a lecture by Lucas R. Clawson, Hagley Historian, on Thursday, July 20th from 10-11am in the Class of 1941 Lecture Room at the University of Delaware’s Morris Library. This event is open to the University community as well as to the public.

Please join us as Mr. Clawson discusses Delaware and the Civil War and how he uses primary source documents, such as digital newspapers in Chronicling America, to do his research.

Summary: The Aftermath of the American Civil War in Delaware

The American Civil War took a heavy toll on Delaware. Thousands of Delawareans fought and died, the state’s industries produced record amounts of war materials, and Delaware’s politicians fought bitterly among themselves over issues like slavery, states’ rights, and President Lincoln’s war policy. When the war’s last shots were fired in 1865, peace did not immediately come to Delaware. Some of the wounds created by the war lingered on for decades. Others never healed. Learn more about how Delawareans dealt with the aftermath of America’s most devastating conflict in this talk by Lucas R. Clawson.

About the Speaker

Lucas R. Clawson works for Hagley Museum and Library where he is Reference Archivist in the Manuscripts Department as well as the site’s historian. He works with the DuPont Company and du Pont family records to help researchers who come to the library as well as working with Hagley’s staff to help interpret the site’s history. Lucas also curated Hagley’s exhibition on the American Civil War, called “An Oath of Allegiance to the Republic: DuPont and the Civil War”, which ran in 2011-2012.

We hope to see you there!

DDNP & HMNP at the 2017 MLA/DLA Conference!

2017 MLA/DLA Joint Annual Conference

Did you make the trip to beautiful Cambridge, MD for the Maryland Library Association & Delaware Library Association Joint Annual Conference this week? Make sure to check out a joint presentation by the DDNP’s Molly Olney-Zide and Historic Maryland Newspapers Project’s Robin C. Pike (University of Maryland — College Park) on Friday, May 12, 2017, 9:45am. Hear updates about each state project, learn tips on searching Chronicling America, and leave with posters, bookmarks, and handouts!

Hope to see you there!


Jinx is off to LC!

Batch #10 (Jinx) makes its trek to LC this week.

This week we sent off our 10th batch of content (fondly known as Jinx) to the Library of Congress. We have only two batches left to finish off our first grant cycle!

For more information about the titles included in the Jinx batch and the MANY titles included in the last two batches, check out our Batch/Title Scheduling page.

DDNP Logo Refresh

As the DDNP nears the end of the first two-year grant cycle, new Delaware newspaper titles and pages are added to Chronicling America on a regular basis (now up to ~60K pages and 11 titles!). To celebrate these additions and better promote this rich resource, the DDNP has a new logo. With a backdrop of mastheads from the first 11 Delaware titles included in the DDNP, this new logo is used for our social media accounts and will be used in upcoming promotional materials.

Let us know what you think about the new logo (, and be sure to follow us on Twitter and “like” us on Facebook for updates!

We’re crossing our fingers for a second grant cycle from NEH for another two years of bringing historical newspapers into the digital age!

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