2017 / 2019 Grant Phase II

The titles for the DDNP’s 2017/2019 award cycle are prioritized based on input from many sources, including The Colored Conventions Project (NEH-funded), the DDNP Project Advisory Board, UD Librarians and Library Staff, UD Faculty, and more.

While there is a short list of titles for this second cycle, this table will give you a better idea of what titles and date ranges to expect to show up next on Chronicling America (ChronAm). We used the names of Delaware cities, which allows our batches to stand apart from the other state NDNP projects. Each batch is first processed at the UD Library by project team members to check for page count, order, and quality, and then each batch (includes microfilm reels and new hard drive) is sent to HTC Global, our scanning and digitization vendor. When HTC has completed their process, they return the hard drive to us, we send it to the Library of Congress, and the final step is waiting for it to appear on ChronAm.

You can view all DDNP contributions to ChronAm here: http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/newspapers/?state=Delaware

This list will be updated as often as possible, but always feel free to email Molly Olney-Zide (mollyoz@udel.edu) for specific questions!

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