Batch / Title Scheduling

Phase III Batch Scheduling

During this next grant cycle we plan to focus attention on newspapers from Kent and Sussex counties, public domain content from 1923-1963, and community outreach.

The next grant cycle will begin on September 1, 2019:

You can view all DDNP contributions to ChronAm here:

This list will be updated as often as possible, but always feel free to email Molly Olney-Zide ( for specific questions!

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Batch Number and Name Content Number of Pages LOC Accepted On ChronAm
Sample (Included in First Batch)
1. Artemis
2. Batman
3. Catwoman
4. Deadpool
5. Elektra
6. Flash
7. Groot
8. Hulk
9. Ironman
10. Jessicajones
11. Kingkong