Request a Workshop

We offer both conceptual and skill or tool-based workshops. An example of a conceptual workshop might be “How to choose a good tool for your digital project”. A skill or tool-based workshop might focus on developing a project management plan, or introductory or advanced skills with a particular tool that you want participants to work with.

Typically, we need at least 4-8 weeks notice to run a successful workshop. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to meet your request and timeframe, but we are always happy to consider it.

When you contact us about a workshop, we will ask you about:

  • The specific audience(s), e.g., undergraduate students in your department or program, graduate students within your college, graduate students and faculty
  • An approximate number of people who you expect to attend
  • Whether attendees will bring their own laptops, or whether you are asking for the workshop to be taught on Library computers
  • Your proposed learning outcomes for the workshop, and/or what experience you hope participants will have when they attend

Reach out to us at to discuss a workshop or teaching collaboration.