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Information Literacy

Information Literacy

Students are consumers and creators of information who must negotiate a complex information ecosystem.   Information Literacy is a complex landscape of abilities, practices, and habits of mind which support an individual’s ability to find, evaluate, and critically use information.

Library Instruction at the University of Delaware

In partnership with faculty and mindful of the learning goals of the general education program and of specific academic disciplines, our goal is that University of Delaware students will:

  • Negotiate complex questions of authority, adopting a critical stance toward information sources of all types
  • Cultivate awareness of and respect for intellectual property and become stewards of their own creative works
  • Become familiar with the tools of scholarly discourse within given disciplines, and contribute to that discourse
  • Develop a repertoire of versatile search strategies
  • Think critically about the format in which information is presented and understand how format impacts the way information is created and perceived by others

Librarians are enthusiastic and knowledgeable partners in the creation and support of assignments which make use of information resources.  Librarians work with faculty as guest lecturers, consultants, and collaborators on assignments dealing with the research process and research tools, digital content creation and stewardship, and historical inquiry.

More about Information Literacy

In 2015, the Association of College and Research Libraries approved a new Framework for Information Literacy  which replaces the former Standards for Information Literacy.  These documents provide the lens through which the academic library profession views information literacy.  As the world of information changes and new forums and formats for information sharing are created, so too have our ideas of how to support students’ development of information literacy skills.  We are eager to continue  to share our expertise with faculty, staff and students of the University of Delaware.

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