Finals Life Hacks

  1. Reserve a Studio over the phone

Waited until the absolute last minute to finish your video project? Don’t worry about coming to the library to reserve a studio! Just do it over the phone and save yourself the extra trip and extra sweat.

  1. Quiet Study Spaces

Reserve a study room at the library through this link so you can study uninterrupted with your friends and to avoid distractions:

Not about the library because it’s too crowded and you don’t want to see anyone you know to avoid those super awkward longish conversations that you both don’t want to be in? (Pause and take a breath after reading that sentence.) I feel you. There are study spaces in Brown Laboratory, upstairs in Trabant, and in the Career Services Center. You can also try ISE, and get some Einstein’s while you’re at it. Treat yo self.

^when people are having a full blown conversation in the quiet section of library

  1. Crisis Mode: When your *Insert important electronic device you need to survive* breaks down.

There is definitely no need to enter crazy, I-hate-my-life-and-the-world-is-out-to-get-me mode. Guess what? The world LOVES you because it created the SMDC where you can borrow laptops, hard drives, laptop chargers, phone charges and flash drives. You have absolutely no excuse to cry in a corner and hide from finals week. Come visit us, we’ll give you the power you need to conquer that 7pm final you have on the last day after all your friends have left you. We can’t make your friends stay to keep you company, but we can be your friend in the meantime.

  1. Breathe

Take a step back. Will that one final you didn’t study for enough really matter in one year? Got a B in a class instead of an A? It will not make or break your GPA or your life. Perspective. Think about it before you make your life miserable for the next few days. YOU GOT THIS.

Good luck peeps, one more week!

^ you after finals

or if you’re into dramatic celebrations this will be you vv

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  1. eellis says:

    Nicely done, Natalie!

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