Virtual reality… coming to a studio near you

In order to keep current with new trends in multimedia, and to address student requests, the Student Multimedia Design Center is purchasing virtual reality (VR) hardware and software. The VR gear, which includes a HTC Vive headset, a powerful PC, and 65″ 4K display, will be available in Studio 1.  Any UD student, faculty, or staff will be able to reserve time in the studio to use the virtual reality setup.  Here are some ideas for for how this VR gear could be used:

  • Students who want to design their own VR experiences will now have a place (room-scale) to test what they make.
  • Artists interested in exploring new methods, will be interested in VR apps geared towards creation like Tilt Brush which allows you to make 3D sculptures by painting in the air (check out this video to see it in action).
  • UD faculty and staff may want to introduce a VR experience in to their curriculum or program

Here is a short video trailer I made as I was trying out an online video tool called RenderForest.

Thank you to Roman ( for the free HD download coupon. If you are interested in trying the RenderForest tool, Roman let me know that if you email him from a UD email address, he will send one free HD download code.


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