Papercut, UD’s new and improved print system!

If you are a student here at UD you may have come to the library at the beginning of the semester to print off your syllabi and been completely confused by the new printer system. Well for those of you who still may be confused…here’s how to use UD’s new print system, Papercut!


We are pretty excited about Papercut and the way it functions. Here are the basics of how it works:

  1. Pull up your document on any library or campus computer and send your job to the print queue.
  2. A dialog box will pop up in which you put your username (UD email) and password.
  3. In that same dialog box there will be a drop down for which you can choose to stay signed in to Papercut for just your one print job or for a full minute. If you are printing multiple documents, staying signed in for a minute is a really helpful tool.
  4. Once you have signed in, and clicked print, you are ready to head to a print station. Once at the print station you swipe your UD ID and all the jobs you sent to Papercut will pop up. Choose the jobs you want printed, click print, and you’re good to go!


Super cool thing about Papercut: All print jobs that you send to Papercut are stored in the server for 4 hours. That means that you can send a document to print in the library, then go to class, lunch or take a nap, and go to Trabant later to print that same document.


For more information on how to use Papercut, watch this tutorial!

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