So Many Charging Options!!!!

Everyone’s had that terrible feeling of finally dragging yourself to the library only to figure out you forgot your phone or laptop charger, or worse, BOTH! The terror!

But have no fear, the Student Multimedia Design Center is here!!


If you need a phone charger we’ve got you covered. You can borrow a lightning cable (iPhone charger), or a USB A to Micro-B cable (Android charger). If both of those aren’t available there’s still hope! Just ask for the Portable Power Kit! It comes with a lightning cable, a portable power supply, and a USB A to Micro-B cable. You have the option to either use the portable power supply or just use the cables!

If you don’t have a laptop charger, you can borrow a Mac laptop charger (Magsafe 1 and 2) or a PC laptop charger! If none of those are available you can borrow one of our fully charged Mac or PC laptops!

So remember to ask the desk for any of these options the next time you find yourself with a phone or laptop that needs to be charged.


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