Building the Bridge

Building what bridge?

Adobe’s Bridge!

Why do you need to use Bridge? Have you ever felt that your files are lost all around your computer? Have you ever worked on a project where individual components of it were scattered throughout multiple folders? Well, Bridge is here to build a bridge between all that scattering!

If you already know what Adobe Bridge is and what it’s for, then feel free to skip this whole post and go eat some cookies, because I’m gonna talk about what it does and why one may chose to use it!

Adobe Bridge is meant to be used for organizing large amounts of files using methods that aren’t available in your typical Windows Explorer/Mac Finder. Bridge can allow you to color-code files, rate them, put them into groups, and easily view data about a file that may not be as easily accessible outside of Bridge, such as image dimensions, bit depth, color profiles, and more!

Look at that! It even tells you what kind of camera took the shot, as well as all the settings that were used.

Bridge also has quite a few different user interface options…

Essentials is primarily for organizing and browsing through your files.

Filmstrip allows you to look through video files frame-by-frame and evaluate the file based on each of those individual frames.

Metadata allows you to dig deep into the depths of what really makes up some of your files.

Even beyond the individual User Interface options, there’s even more to Bridge!

You can even bookmark folders which makes Bridge create a cache so that re-accessing that folder will be quick and smooth, which can be especially helpful if you’re working with a folder full of video files or high resolution photos.

All the computers in the SMDC have Adobe Bridge on them, and hopefully now you realize that it has actual uses!

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