5 Tips for Illustrator Beginners!

Here are some awesome tools in Illustrator to help you get started!


1.Clipping Masks


Clipping masks allow you to mask parts of your project. You can let easily hide unwanted pieces of a layer or a group of layers.

2. Shape Builder Tool


This tool does exactly as its name suggests, it lets you create your own shape! Here’s an example of one.


3. Make Custom Brushes


Another great feature is the custom brush option! You can create different brushes for your specific project in order to make it your own. Check out the recent blog post on how to make a custom brush!


4. Appearance Panel


This tool lets you use just one shape,to affect properties like opacity, blending mode, stroke, and fill! This kiwi is made up of just one shape!


5. Opacity Masks


This tool lets you control the visibility of objects in your project. This is a great tool for adding texture.

Now that you’ve learned about these fantastic options, you can use them on your next project!!

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