How to make eduroam the default wifi on MAC/ Windows

As the University of Delaware attempts to make its internet connection more secure, it has somehow made it infinitely more difficult to connect to the wifi on campus. Many students have come to the desk completely frustrated because their computers are constantly connecting and disconnecting between the old wifi, UDEL, and the new wifi, eduroam. On my computer this problem was because my “priority wifi” was still the UDEL, so even when I successfully connected to eduroam, my computer would default to UDEL. This dance between wifi connections has caused tons of problems across campus, as most students require the internet to take notes and do homework.


In order to solve this problem on mac computers it is relatively simple. First the student needs to login to the eduroam wifi using their UD username ( and password.

  1. After connecting, select the wifi icon on the top right corner of your screen and go to preferences.
  2. In the preferences window select “Advanced preferences” and you will come upon a screen that lists all the wifi sources you have ever connected to. What I didn’t realize about this, is that the wifi listed at the top is considered the “priority” wifi.
  3. In order to change the wifi your computer automatically tried to connect with, find eduroam in the list and drag it to the top.
  4. You can even go as far as selecting UDEL and UDELguest and clicking “remove” so that your computer no longer has a connection to them at all.

This little trick solved my wifi issues, and I hope it can help to solve yours too!


In a windows computer it is pretty easy as well.

  1. Select the start button and type in “view network connections”.

2.) Select this and press the ALT keyand  you will see “advanced options”

3.) Click this and then select “advanced settings”

4.) Next simply use the green arrows to reorganize your priority wifi connections and select OK when you’re all done!


If not, remember we are always available to help at the SMDC desk 🙂

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