How to take the Best Quality iPhone Videos

How to get the Best Quality for iPhone Videos


These days you can use your phone for anything. The camera’s quality has gotten better and better, but there are some ways to ensure that your video looks clean and professional!

  1. Make sure to take the video with the phone flipped sideways & the volume buttons facing the ground so the video is oriented to fill the entire screen
  2. In order to take a video on the iPhone using the best quality go to settings
  3. Click “Camera”
  4. Then hit “Record video”
  5. Change the settings to “1080p HD at 60fs”- this will ensure that the video is smooth
  6. Record whatever you want!


Some people have all of theses settings correct, orient their phone the right way, and still encounter problems once they attempt to transfer the video to other devices. A big no-no is sending the video through email/ iMessage! Instead of emailing/ messaging the video to yourself or others, directly connect your phone to your computer or airdrop it in order to retain the 1080p quality.

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