Time Saving Tips I Learned in Photoshop:

As an art major I use Photoshop pretty much on the daily, so I’ve had my fair share of struggles. Below is a list of shortcuts and tricks I’ve learned throughout the years, in no particular order.

*On PC replace command (⌘) with control.

  1. Command + J (⌘J) = Duplicate layer

This is good for when you want to quickly duplicate a layer. I personally use this one all the time and it makes your project a bit easier.

  1. Command + [ or Command + ] (⌘[ or ⌘] ) = Quickly arrange layers

This is good for when you have multiple layers and want to move things in front or behind each other.

Bonus Shift ⌘ [ or ] you can move all the way to the front or back.

  1. Right click and duplicate layer to a different document

I love this one. Instead of copying and pasting a layer into another document (which I don’t think you used to be able to do in Photoshop) you right click on the layer in the layers panel  and click duplicate. ­You can either duplicate to an already established document or to a new one.


  1. Shift + command + Z (⇧⌘Z ) to go back more than step/ undo

Unlike Illustrator, Photoshop is preset to only undo one step. You can change this in your preferences but for quick use Shift ⌘ Z is a great way to go multiple steps back.

  1. Shift + option+ command + B (⇧⌥⌘B) (semi) quick way to make a layer black and white

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