Self-Service photocopy machines

A photocopier and card reader in the Morris Library.

Card readers for payment are attached to Library Photocopiers.

Photocopiers are located throughout Morris Library (see map for specific locations).  The Student Multimedia Design Center has one black and white self-service photocopier offering these paper sizes: 8.5″ x 11″, 8.5″ x 14″, and 11″ x 17″. Library photocopiers can enlarge images up to 400% or reduce them to 25% of the original’s size.  All self-service copiers have document feeders and accept UD ONEcard Flex or the Library Copy Card for payment.  Self-service copy fees per single sided sheet:

Black and white photocopies on standard paper (self-service) $0.10

Please let staff know of any problems with printing or copying. Staff in the Library cannot put funds back onto your card or refund cash for copies people have made.

Copy Services

Student Multimedia Design Center staff can photocopy materials for anyone who chooses not to use the self-service photocopiers.  Payment for copy services is made at the service desk using Flex, cash, credit card, or check. Fees listed below for copy services are per side:

Black and white photocopies on standard paper $0.20
Black and white copies on customer’s own paper
Note: Because staff cannot guarantee the successful printing of each sheet, customers should bring supplies of paper more than sufficient to print the entire job.
Black and white copies on the Center’s specialty paper $0.70
Black and white transparencies $0.50
Color photocopies on standard paper $0.60
Color transparencies or copies on the Center’s specialty paper $1.10

Staff have the right to refuse copying or printing services over concerns of copyright infringement. Before making a request for copying services, please see the Copyright Research Guide.