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Catalogs and checklists have been published for selected exhibitions and many of them are available in on–line versions. The following lists of exhibitions (in reverse chronological order) indicate the availability of catalogs or checklists and are linked to the online versions when available.

Main Gallery Exhibitions



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  • “America on Vacation,” curated by Max Yela, September 1989 – January 1990. Checklist available.
  • “Selections from the Lloyd–Goodrich – Albert Pinkham Ryder Archive,” curated by Dr. William Homer’s Art History Seminar Students, April – August, 1989. Publication available.
  • “East – West: Hand Papermaking Traditions and Innovations,” curated by Alice D. Schreyer, December 1988 – March 1989. Catalog available.
  • “Evolving Texts: the Writing of Tennessee Williams,” curated by Timothy D. Murray, August – December 1988. Catalog available.
  • New Sweden: the 350th Anniversary of the Settlement of the Swedes and Finns in Delaware, curated by Max Yela, March – July 1988. Catalog out of print.
  • “Creature of Their Own Will: the Formative Years of the U.S. Constitution,” curated by Max Yela, October 1987 – February 1988. Publication out of print.
  • Seventy Years at the Hogarth Press, curated by Max Yela, May – September 1987. Publication available.
  • Treasures of the University of Delaware Library, curated by Alice D. Schreyer and Max Yela, October 1986 – April 1987. Catalog out of print.
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Lincoln Exhibitions

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First Floor Exhibitions

Information Area Exhibitions

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Single Case Exhibitions

On-line Exhibitions

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