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Creator:Kent County, Delaware, School District 83
Title:Kent County, Delaware, School District 83 attendance records
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0047
Abstract:This volume and its associated materials contain attendance records from School District 83 in Kent County, Delaware. The records were kept from 1878-1879 and 1881-1883.
Subjects:Education--Curricula--History--19th century | Education--Delaware--History--19th century | Students | Kent County (Del.)
Creator:Clayton, John M. (John Middleton), 1796-1856
Title:John Middleton Clayton letter to William M. Whiting Boardman
Call No:MSS 0098, F0006
Abstract:One handwritten letter, accompanied by a typed version, from Senator John Middleton Clayton (Whig-Delaware) to W. M. Boardman, detailing a bit of Clayton's personal history as well as his reasons[...] for becoming interested in politics. Also included is a typed transcription of Clayton's letter.
Subjects:Kent County (Del.)--History--19th century
Creator:Leach, Ethel P. B.
Title:Ethel Leach greeting cards to Nellie Morton
Call No:MSS 0098, F0021
Abstract:Seven Christmas and New Years greeting cards and one letter from Frederica, Delaware, artist Ethel P. B. Leach to Nellie Morton. The images on the cards are printed from etchings[...] by Leach or have printed reproductions of her paintings.
Subjects:Kent County (Del.)--History--20th century
Creator:Comegys, Cornelius P. (Cornelius Parsons), 1780-1851
Title:Cornelius P. Comegys letter of recommendation for Theodore Crawford
Call No:MSS 0098, F0027
Abstract:Hanwritten letter of recommendation by Cornelius P. Comegys, Governor of the state of Delaware from 1837-1841, for Theodore F. Crawford, concerning Crawford's potential abilities in the legal profession.
Subjects:Kent County (Del.)--History--19th century
Creator:United States. Continental Army. Delaware Regiment
Title:Delaware Blues rules and regulations
Call No:MSS 0098, F0028
Abstract:One handwritten set of rules and regulations governing the schedule, behavior, and proceedings of the Delaware Blues military company. Also included are forty signatures of the members of the company.
Subjects:Kent County (Del.)--History--19th century
Creator:Clayton, John M. (John Middleton), 1796-1856
Title:John M. Clayton form letter to John Murphy
Call No:MSS 0098, F0072
Abstract:Form letter about updated laws for the State of Delaware, sent to the Governor of Alabama, John Murphy, and signed by Delaware Secretary of State, John M. Clayton.
Subjects:Kent County (Del.)--History--19th century
Creator:Clayton, John M. (John Middleton), 1796-1856
Title:John M. Clayton letter to Mr. Towers
Call No:MSS 0098, F0073
Abstract:Short handwritten letter from then United States Senator from Delaware, John M. Clayton, to a printer, Mr. Towers, requesting a set of proofs be sent to him immediately.
Subjects:Kent County (Del.)--History--19th century
Creator:Comegys, Joseph P. (Joseph Parsons), 1813-1893
Title:Joseph Parsons Comegys letter to E. W. Gilpin
Call No:MSS 0098, F0074
Abstract:Letter from lawyer Joseph Parsons Comegys, future U. S. Senator (D-Delaware) and Delaware Supreme Court Chief Justice, to E. W. Gilpin, the President of the Union Bank of Delaware, in[...] response to a request for an examination of the safety of the mortgage held by three individuals.
Subjects:Kent County (Del.)--History--19th century
Creator:Stockley, Charles C.
Title:Charles C. Stockley letter to Col. J. E. Payton
Call No:MSS 0098, F0075
Abstract:Letter from Charles C. Stockley, Governor of Delaware, to Colonel J. E. Payton, informing him of Stockley's inability to attend a meeting, due to the illness of his wife and[...] naming John H. Rodney as the representative to attend in his stead.
Subjects:Kent County (Del.)--History--19th century
Creator:Polk, Charles, 1788-1857
Title:Charles Polk letter to Joseph Ritner
Call No:MSS 0098, F0078
Abstract:Handwritten letter from Delaware Governor Charles Polk to Pennsylvania Governor Joseph Ratner requesting the transfer of a horse thief, Randel Lewis.
Subjects:Kent County (Del.)--History--19th century
Creator:Harris, Thomas
Title:Thomas Harris petition of divorce
Call No:MSS 0098, F0090
Abstract:Petition for divorce between Thomas Harris and M___ Harris, including a summary and testimony of the case.
Subjects:Kent County (Del.)--History--19th century
Creator:Carvel, Elbert Nostrand, 1910-2005
Title:Elbert N. Carvel letter to Freda Ritz
Call No:MSS 0098, F0100
Abstract:One typed letter from Delaware Governor Elbert N. Carvel to Freda E. Ritz, thanking her for her letter about the educational program recommended by the Delaware State Educational Association.
Subjects:Kent County (Del.)--History--20th century
Creator:Markham, William, 1635-1704
Title:Land patent for Daniel Jones on St. Jones Creek, Delaware, signed by William Markham and John Goodson
Call No:MSS 0098, F0106
Abstract:One document for a tract of land called "Denbe" on St. Jones Creek for Daniel Jones, signed by the first Governor of colonial Pennsylvania William Markham and Deputy Governor John[...] Goodson in 1689.
Subjects:Kent County (Del.)
Creator:Logan, James, 1674-1751
Title:Land patent for William and Elizabeth Annand signed by James Logan, Issac Norris, and Richard Hill
Call No:MSS 0098, F0107
Abstract:One patent for a tract of land in Kent County, Delaware, for William and Elizabeth Annand signed by Colonial Secretary James Logan and politicians Isaac Norris and Richard Hill on[...] June 6, 1716.
Subjects:Kent County (Del.)
Creator:Costen, John
Title:John Costen real estate advertisement
Call No:MSS 0098, F0142
Abstract:One autograph draft of a real estate advertisement for properties in Kent County, Delaware, near Marydel, Delaware, sent to several newspapers by John Costen of Dover, Delaware, on December 16,[...] 1871.
Subjects:Kent County (Del.)
Creator:Snow, Joseph
Title:Land indenture between Joseph and Sarah Snow and Silas Snow in Duck Creek Hundred
Call No:MSS 0098, F0146
Abstract:One land indenture between Joseph and Sarah Snow and Silas Snow for property located in Duck Creek Hundred, Kent County, Delaware, dated June 18, 1822.
Subjects:Kent County (Del.)
Creator:University of Delaware Library, Special Collections
Title:Pauper book from the first of March 1865 to the first of March 1866 of Kent County, Delaware
Call No:MSS 0098, F0151
Abstract:One handwritten register of patients admitted for care at an unidentified institution in Kent County, Delaware. The list of patients is arranged by hundred (subdivision) and then by race[...] and gender. The register includes the name of the person admitted, their age, disease, admission date, discharge or death date, name of trustee and an occasional remark.
Subjects:Medicine--United States--History--19th century | Kent County (Del.)--History--19th century
Creator:University of Delaware Library, Special Collections
Title:Jesse D. Ward gasoline ration coupon book
Call No:MSS 0098, F0157
Abstract:One non-highway gasoline ration coupon booklet issued to Jesse D. Ward of Harrington, Delaware, (valid from 7/22/1942 to 1/22/1943) and signed by L. G. Jennings.
Subjects:World War, 1939-1945--Delaware | Kent County (Del.)--History--20th century
Creator:Virden family
Title:Virden family papers
Call No:MSS 0489
Abstract:This collection relates to the Virden (or Virdin) family of Delaware, specifically Samuel Virden (1793-1876) of Kent County and his descendants. Samuel's children and their spouses also figure prominently in[...] this collection. The Virden family papers, spanning the years 1783-1901, consist of thirty-six letters, receipts, deeds, accounts, and other documents.
Subjects:Families--Delaware--History--19th century | Businesspeople--Delaware--History--19th century | Shipping--Delaware--History--19th century | Businesspeople | More Subjects
Creator:Delaware. Governor (1851-1855 : Ross)
Title:William H. Ross document appointing John A. Nicholson to school superintendent for Kent County, Delaware
Call No:MSS 0098, F0177
Abstract:Delaware Governor William H. Ross and Delaware Secretary of State Alfred P. Robinson are the signees authorizing this 1851 document, which appointed John A. Nicholson to the position of school[...] superintendent for Kent County, Delaware.
Subjects:School superintendents--Delaware--History--19th century | Superintendents | Kent County (Del.)--History--19th century | Delaware--Officials and employees--Selection and appointment--History--19th century
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