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    Creator:Morgan, Charles, 1894-1958
    Title:Charles Morgan letter to Mademoiselle Engel
    Call No:MSS 0099, F0928
    Abstract:British writer Charles Morgan (1894-1958) wrote to Mademoiselle Engel concerning the French publication rights to some of his work.
    Subjects:Authors, English--20th century--Correspondence
    Creator:Morgan, Charles, 1894-1958
    Title:Charles Morgan letter to Reverend R. Barrett
    Call No:MSS 0099, F0949
    Abstract:British author Charles Morgan wrote in reply to Reverend Robert Barrett’s most recent letter, responding to Barrett's ideas of fiction.
    Subjects:Authors, English--20th century--Correspondence
    Creator:Morgan, Charles, 1894-1958
    Title:Charles Morgan letter to Miss Christian
    Call No:MSS 0099, F0890
    Abstract:British author Charles Morgan wrote this two-page thank you letter to "Miss Christian," also offering encouragement to the recipient for her writing.
    Subjects:Authors, English--20th century--Correspondence | Literary critics
    Creator:West, Rebecca, 1892-1983
    Title:Rebecca West letters to Barbara Back
    Call No:MSS 0676
    Abstract:British writer, critic, and journalist Rebecca West (1892-1983) wrote fifty-five letters and postcards to her friend Barbara Back between 1955 and 1968, commenting on her literary work and travels, various[...] political scandals, and the health and social lives of mutual friends.
    Subjects:Authors, English--20th century--Correspondence | Authors
    Creator:Gosse, Edmund, 1849-1928
    Title:Edmund Gosse letters
    Call No:MSS 0099, F0092
    Abstract:This small collection contains fourteen letters from English author Edmund Gosse (1849-1928) to literary figures, agents, and book collectors, as well as members of high society, reflecting Gosse's close relationship[...] to all aspects of the literary industry. The letters covered a spectrum of topics, including the history of literary circles, historical figures, current literature by himself and others, as well as the movements and travels of people in his social circle.
    Subjects:Authors, English--19th century--Correspondence | Authors, English--20th century--Correspondence | Authors
    Creator:Morgan, Charles, 1894-1958
    Title:Charles Morgan letter to unidentified recipient
    Call No:MSS 0099, F0889
    Abstract:Charles Morgan wrote this two-page letter to an unidentified woman to decline a lecture request in 1934.
    Subjects:Authors, English--20th century--Correspondence | Lectures and lecturing--History--20th century--Correspondence | Literary critics
    Creator:Morgan, Charles, 1894-1958
    Title:Charles Morgan letters to Edith Koch
    Call No:MSS 0099, F0891
    Abstract:British author Charles Morgan first wrote to Edith Koch regarding her proposed translation of his 1932 novel The Fountain, but continued a conversation regarding the political situation developing in Germany[...] through an additional four letters.
    Subjects:Authors, English--20th century--Correspondence | Germany--Foreign public opinion--History--20th century | Germany--Politics and government--1933-1945--Public opinion | National socialism--Public opinion
    Creator:Bell, Clive, 1881-1964
    Title:Clive Bell letters to Gilbert Seldes
    Call No:MSS 0099, F0517
    Abstract:British art critic and writer Clive Bell (1881-1964) wrote several letters to American theater and pop-culture critic and writer Gilbert Vivian Seldes (1893-1970) between 1921 to 1957, detailing personal matters,[...] mutual friends, travels, and professional events. Also included are autographed notes, written by Seldes and dated 1966, about a meeting between Bell and Seldes and his impressions of Bell.
    Subjects:Authors, American--20th century--Correspondence | Authors, English--20th century--Correspondence | Critics | Authors
    Creator:McKenna, Stephen, 1888-1967
    Title:Stephen McKenna papers
    Call No:MSS 0625
    Abstract:English novelist Stephen McKenna (1888-1967) published forty-seven novels and six nonfiction books about English upper-class life before and after World War I. The collection spans from 1917 to 1966, with[...] the bulk of the materials dating between 1917 to 1935, and includes correspondence to the author, manuscripts of short stories and lectures by McKenna, excerpts from other authors' works, newspaper clippings from McKenna's 1921 promotional tour in Sweden, and a volume of photographs featuring McKenna in his home.
    Subjects:Authors, English--20th century--Correspondence | World War, 1914-1918--England--Fiction | Authors