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Creator:Adams, Daniel J.
Title:Daniel J. Adams letter
Call No:MSS 0098, F0001
Abstract:Letter from Daniel Adams to Walter Stone, Financier's office, Philadelphia, concerning the collection of rent from a tenant, personal details about the health of Adams' family members, as well as[...] Adams' interest in procuring wholesale produce from the West Indies.
Subjects:New Castle County (Del.)--History--18th century
Creator:Mifflin, Charles
Title:Charles Mifflin letter to Thomas Howard
Call No:MSS 0098, F0077
Abstract:A letter of friendship, presumed to be from Charles Mifflin (signed "Nimrod"), on behalf of the Wilmington Fishing Club, lamenting the group's lack of replies to Thomas Howard's previous letters[...] and their continued regard for him.
Subjects:New Castle County (Del.)--History--18th century
Creator:McKean, Thomas, 1734-1817
Title:Thomas McKean letter to Caesar Rodney
Call No:MSS 0098, F0094
Abstract:Letter from Thomas Mckean, Signer of the Constitution from Delaware, President of the Continental Congress, and Governor of Pennsylvania, to Delaware Governor Caesar Rodney, concerning McKean's inability to act as[...] Rodney's lawyer in a legal matter due to McKean's illness.
Subjects:New Castle County (Del.)--History--18th century
Creator:Boggan, Patrick, approximately 1725-1817
Title:Patrick Boggan letter to Thomas Lawrence
Call No:MSS 0098, F0076
Abstract:Letter from Captain Patrick Boggan, Revolutionary War leader, to Thomas Lawrence about the purchase of land in "Willing's Town," an early name for Wilmington, Delaware.
Subjects:Wilmington (Del.)--History--18th century | New Castle County (Del.)--History--18th century