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Creator:Armstrong, Mary F.
Title:Mary F. Armstrong autograph album
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0001
Abstract:This mid-nineteenth century autograph album belonged to Mary F. Armstrong of Newark, Delaware, and contains original or transcribed poems about friendship signed by her female friends. Many of the contributors[...] are from Delaware.
Subjects:Female friendship--United States--History--19th century | Friendship in literature | American poetry--19th century | Young women--Conduct of Life. | More Subjects
Creator:Beale, Joseph Hoare, -1848
Title:Joseph Hoare Beale journals
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0002
Abstract:The Joseph Hoare Beale journals, 1796-1848, consist of nine volumes kept by a world traveler of the late eighteenth to late nineteenth-centuries. Beale, who may have been of Irish origin[...] and served as secretary to Lord Thomas Pitt in Ceylon before traveling to America, recorded weather observations, activities, and expenses in the five "daily weather diaries." He also produced a holograph of Sir Thomas Moore's "Sacred Melodies."
Subjects:Climatology--Observations--History--19th century | Medicine--Formulae, receipts, prescriptions--History--19th century | Formulas, recipes, etc--History--19th century | Secretaries--Diaries | More Subjects
Creator:Biggs, Charles Rupert
Title:The Loss of Pier No. 4
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0003
Abstract:Short account of activities at a World War I cargo operation located at "Southern Railroad pier No. 4".
Subjects:World War, 1914-1918--Naval operations | Clerical workers
Creator:Black, Jeanie Groome
Title:Jeanie Groome Black travel diaries
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0004
Abstract:These three bound diaries were kept by Delaware resident Jeannie Groome Black during her travels in Europe with a group of ten Delawareans from October 13, 1890, to November 25,[...] 1891.
Subjects:Plants--Type specimens--19th century | Europe--Description and travel | Germany--Description and travel | Paris (France)--Description and travel | More Subjects
Creator:Boss, Charles
Title:Daily report of Charles Boss. Life and adventures on the frontiers.
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0006
Abstract:Fictionalized journal of Charles Boss describing his frontier life and encounters with Indians while serving in the United States Army from 1866 to 1884.
Subjects:Dakota Indians--History--19th century | Frontier and pioneer life--West (U.S.)--History--19th century | Indians of North America--Wars--1866-1895 | Nez Percé Indians--History--19th century | More Subjects
Creator:Boynton, Lucien Cyrus, 1811-1896
Title:Journal or a running record of some of the thoughts, feelings and events of my life
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0007
Abstract:This journal documents the life of nineteenth-century Vermont native and lawyer Lucien Cyrus Boynton, as well as his introspective musings on religion, nature, and philosophy during the period 1835-1853.
Subjects:Philosophy, American--19th century | Lawyers | New England--Description and Travel | Middle Atlantic States--Description and Travel | More Subjects
Creator:Brown, Edward E.
Title:Biography of my campaign in the Phillippines
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0008
Abstract:This diary was kept by soldier Edward E. Brown of Company B, 35th Infantry Regiment, U.S. Army, during the Philippine-American war, for the period 1899-1901.
Subjects:Counterinsurgency--United States--History--20th century | Soldiers | Philippines--History--Philippine American War, 1899-1902--Personal narratives
Creator:Champney, Richard, 1794-
Title:Journal of Travels Commencing from the Year 1798
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0009
Abstract:Richard Champney’s memoir, which he entitled in full "Journal of Travels commencing from the year 1798, through various parts, of England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Spain, Portugal, Canada, United-States of North[...] America, Denmark, Germany, Holland, & the Netherlands. &c. by Richard Champney," was handwritten in four bound volumes and are a polished and edited version of daily journals kept by Richard Champney and his parents. The journals detail Champney's childhood journey from London, England, to Lexington, Kentucky, where his father had acquired property in settlement of a debt and the five-year struggle to live there. The journals describe Champney's return to England and subsequent education, career as a sailor on a merchant vessel, as well as his enlistment in the militia and service in Wellington's Peninsular Campaign during the Napoleonic Wars.
Subjects:Frontier and pioneer life-- Kentucky | Napoleonic Wars, 1800-1815 | Voyages and travels--History--19th century | Farmers--Diaries | More Subjects
Creator:Chappell, Daniel A.
Title:Remarks on board the ship Rambler
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0010
Abstract:This bound volume is a typed transcript of a log for the bark Rambler kept by Daniel A. Chappell, the ship's cooper. It documents a Pacific-bound whaling voyage out of[...] New Bedford, Massachusetts, for the period 1852-1855.
Digital Content:See Contents List
Subjects:Barks (Sailing ships)--History--19th century | Logbooks--19th century | Whaling--History--19th century | Whalemen | More Subjects
Creator:Christian, S.
Title:S. Christian, notes of a trip to Europe and return
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0011
Abstract:This journal documents the return voyage of S. Christian from Liverpool, England, to New York City on the liner Campania after a sightseeing trip to Europe.
Subjects:Passenger ships--History--20th century | Voyages and Travels--History--20th century | Travelers--Diaries | Travelers | More Subjects
Creator:Clark, George G.
Title:A holiday in Norway and along the way, 1908, being the journal of a trip by Charles H. Cummings and George G. Clark, as kept by the latter
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0012
Abstract:This 1909 bound typescript manuscript was prepared by George G. Clark to commemorate his 1908 trip with Charles H. Cummings. Their travel from New York City to Norway by steamer[...] and rail, along with details of experiences in many European locales along the way, is recounted in this travel narrative.
Subjects:Railroad travel--History--20th century | Steamboats--History--20th century | Transatlantic voyages--History--20th century | Voyages and Travels--History--20th century | More Subjects
Creator:Clarke, John, 1817-
Title:On board the ship Governor Morton
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0013
Abstract:Journal kept by the passenger John Clarke aboard the ship Governor Morton documenting the trip from New York to San Francisco between March 12, 1852 and December 20, 1852.
Digital Content:See Contents List
Subjects:Clipper ships--History--19th century | Ocean travel--History--19th century | Voyages to the Pacific coast--19th century | Carpenters--Diaries | More Subjects
Creator:Cleaver, Joseph, 1833-1909
Title:Diary of Joseph Cleaver, Jr., kept at Delaware College
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0014
Abstract:This typed transcript of a diary kept by Delaware College student Joseph Cleaver for the period 1853-1854 describes student life at the college, the curriculum, and Cleaver’s involvement in the[...] Athenaean Literary Society.
Subjects:Students--Diaries | Students | Newark (Del.)--History--19th century
Creator:Conover, Elisha
Title:Personal accounts and miscellaneous notes
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0015
Abstract:This booklet contains miscellaneous, handwritten notes kept by Delaware College professor Elisha Conover, for the period 1897-1899. The notes consist of lists of expenditures by month during the two-year time[...] period and undated entries on various subjects, such as etiquette and literature.
Subjects:Educators--Delaware--19th century | Professors (teacher)
Creator:Cook, Joseph Witherspoon, 1836-1902
Title:Letters of Rev. Joseph W. Cook, Missionary to Cheyenne, to Rt. Rev. R.H. Clarkson, D.D., Rt. Rev. Geo. M. Randall, D.D., together with extracts from Mr. Cook’s Diary, kindly furnished by his daughter Miss Charlotte Everett Cook, April 12th, 1916
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0016
Abstract:A typed transcript of letters written and journal kept by Reverend Joseph Witherspoon Cook during part of his time as a missionary to Cheyenne, Dakota Territory, 1868-1869. The letters describe[...] his journey from Philadelphia to Cheyenne, the process of setting up a mission in the settlement, the inhabitants of Cheyenne, and the living conditions in the area.
Subjects:Indians of North America--Missions--History--19th century | Missionaries--United States--History--19th century | Missionaries | Black Hills (S.D. and Wyo.)--Description and travel | More Subjects
Creator:Cowan, William Bird
Title:William B. Cowan diaries
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0017
Abstract:This twelve volume set of diaries was kept by Indiana tradesman William Bird Cowan between 1839 and 1877. Each volume features brief entries about local events, weather observations, business trips[...] taken to other towns, and household tasks.
Subjects:Indiana--History--19th century | Indiana--Description and travel
Creator:Darley, Arthur, active 1842-1843
Title:Personal journal of Captain Arthur Darley, R.N.
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0018
Abstract:Personal journal kept by Captain Arthur Darley of the British Royal Navy aboard the HMS Electra describing his travels throughout Bermuda, the West Indies, Jamaica, Honduras, Colombia, Havana, Belize, and[...] Galveston, Texas, from January 1, 1842 through February 3, 1843.
Digital Content:See Contents List
Subjects:Seafaring life--History--19th century | Seafaring life--Great Britain--History--19th century | Sloops--History--19th century | Armed Forces--Officers--Diaries | More Subjects
Creator:David, B. B.
Title:David, David, and Smith travel and real estate journals
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0019
Abstract:These diaries, contained in four volumes, highlight daily life and travel to Wyoming, social activities, and real estate business, primarily in Iowa and Wyoming between 1851 and 1906. Individuals named[...] B. B. David, E. C. David, and William W. Smith produced three of these four volumes. The final compiler of the diaries is unknown.
Subjects:Travel writing--United States--History--19th century | Real property--Iowa--History--19th century | Surveyors | Travelers | More Subjects
Creator:Creator unknown
Title:Quincy, Massachusetts, diary
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0021
Abstract:This diary was written by an unknown author in the town of Quincy, Massachusetts, in the early 19th century. The two volumes comprising the diary incude lengthy and detailed entries[...] on business transcations, home life, and social events.
Subjects:Quincy (Mass.)
Creator:Dodds, George, active 1799-1800
Title:Ship's log for the snow Susana
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0022
Abstract:Ship's log kept by George Dodds [Dods] aboard the snow Susana documenting the voyage from Newport, Rhode Island, to Havana, Cuba, from December 21, 1799, to March 20, 1800.
Digital Content:See Contents List
Subjects:Logbooks--19th century | Seafaring life--History--19th century | Shipping--Cuba--Havana--History--19th century | Shipping--New England--History--19th century | More Subjects
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