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Creator:Adams, Daniel J.
Title:Daniel J. Adams letter
Call No:MSS 0098, F0001
Abstract:Letter from Daniel Adams to Walter Stone, Financier's office, Philadelphia, concerning the collection of rent from a tenant, personal details about the health of Adams' family members, as well as[...] Adams' interest in procuring wholesale produce from the West Indies.
Subjects:New Castle County (Del.)--History--18th century
Creator:Bancroft, George, 1800-1891
Title:George Bancroft letter to Meredith Read
Call No:MSS 0098, F0002
Abstract:Letter from George Bancroft, prominent scholar of American history, to General J. Meredith Read, informing General Read of Bancroft's inability to obtain a copy of the Journal of Delaware in[...] 1776, Delaware revolutionary records. The letter is attached to a board with "letter of George Bancroft[,] the emiment American historian[,] to General Meredith Read" printed on it.
Subjects:Delaware--History--18th century
Creator:Bayard, James A. (James Asheton), 1767-1815
Title:James Asheton Bayard receipts
Call No:MSS 0098, F0003
Abstract:Receipts and letters related to services and materials rendered by Wilmington, Delaware, merchants to James Asheton Bayard, Senior and Junior, and the Wilmington Whaling company.
Subjects:New Castle County (Del.)--History--19th century
Creator:Peterson, Henry
Title:Henry Peterson court summons
Call No:MSS 0098, F0004
Abstract:Official document detailing a suit against Henry Peterson for non-payment of one hundred and fifty pounds owed to John and James Bayard.
Subjects:New Castle County (Del.)--History--18th century
Creator:Bayard, Thomas F. (Thomas Francis), 1828-1898
Title:Thomas Francis Bayard letters
Call No:MSS 0098, F0005
Abstract:Two handwritten letters from Thomas Francis Bayard, written on letterhead of the Embassy of the United States, London; one thanking "Ginn & Co" for a copy of a book, [...] the other about Bayard's interest in George Washington. Also included is a photcopy of a letter discussing Bayard's upcoming travel plans and thanking and acknowledging the receiver's recent hospitality.
Subjects:New Castle County (Del.)--History--19th century
Creator:Clayton, John M. (John Middleton), 1796-1856
Title:John Middleton Clayton letter to William M. Whiting Boardman
Call No:MSS 0098, F0006
Abstract:One handwritten letter, accompanied by a typed version, from Senator John Middleton Clayton (Whig-Delaware) to W. M. Boardman, detailing a bit of Clayton's personal history as well as his reasons[...] for becoming interested in politics. Also included is a typed transcription of Clayton's letter.
Subjects:Kent County (Del.)--History--19th century
Creator:Clayton, John M. (John Middleton), 1796-1856
Title:John Middleton Clayton letter to Crawford
Call No:MSS 0098, F0007
Abstract:Handwritten letter from U.S. Senator John Middleton Clayton (Whig-Delaware), requesting a violin bow from Crawford, along with a brief refernce to politics in Delaware.
Subjects:Delaware--History--19th century
Creator:Gray, Elizabeth
Title:Elizabeth Gray laudanum notes
Call No:MSS 0098, F0008
Abstract:Small handwritten notes from Newark, Delaware, resident Elizabeth Gray to the village storekeeper requesting refills of a laudanum (opium-based painkiller) bottle.
Subjects:Narcotics | New Castle County (Del.)--History--19th century
Creator:Hastings, Daniel Oren, 1874-1966
Title:Daniel O. Hastings speech
Call No:MSS 0098, F0009
Abstract:Typescript of a speech delivered by former U. S. Senator Daniel Hastings (R-Delaware) to the Wilmington Club at its one hundred eight annual meeting, celebrating the life of attorney William[...] S. Hilles.
Subjects:New Castle County (Del.)--History--20th century
Creator:McPhee, John R.
Title:John McPhee draft of presidential nomination resolution
Call No:MSS 0098, F0010
Abstract:Handwritten rought draft of a resolution to ratify and confirm the nomination of William H. Harrison as President and John Tyler as Vice-President of the United States.
Subjects:Delaware--History--19th century
Creator:Mulderick, Frank Gerald
Title:The Delta Phi Literary Society at Delaware College from 1834 to 1859 : Essay
Call No:MSS 0098, F0011
Abstract:Consists of a handwritten essay by University of Delaware student Frank Mulderick for a course on Delaware History.
Subjects:New Castle County (Del.)--History--20th century
Creator:Armitage, James
Title:New Castle County, Delaware, citizens petition
Call No:MSS 0098, F0012
Abstract:Petition by multiple citizens of New Castle County, Delaware, noting the activities of French and Spanish privateers in Delaware Bay and requesting the remove of vital records to a house[...] at Christiana Bridge for safekeeping.
Subjects:New Castle County (Del.)--History--18th century
Creator:Tilghman, Edward, 1750-1815
Title:Edward Tilghman family register
Call No:MSS 0098, F0013
Abstract:Handwritten chronological register of Edward Tilghman's marriages and the births and deaths of his children.
Subjects:Pennsylvania--History--18th century
Creator:Tilghman, Edward, 1750-1815
Title:Edward Tilghman note to John Bordley
Call No:MSS 0098, F0014
Abstract:A note relaying news that a Spanish ship, whose size required 24 feet of depth in the water to operate, could not make it up to Baltimore from Annapolis and[...] had to turn back.
Creator:United States. Selective Service System
Title:Summary and list of men inducted into national Army by local board division #4, Wilmington, Delaware
Call No:MSS 0098, F0015
Abstract:Ledger showing date of induction and assignment for all men called by local board division #4, Wilmington, Delaware, into the national Army. Also includes a list of volunteer enlistments.
Subjects:World War, 1914-1918--Delaware | New Castle County (Del.)--History--20th century
Creator:Hopkins, Charles B., Lt. -1817
Title:United States Army 42nd infantry muster roll
Call No:MSS 0098, F0016
Abstract:Descriptive list of a detachment of recuits assigned to the 42nd regiment, United States Infanty, forwarded to Camp McComb near New Castle, Delaware, by order of Major Thomas Stockton.
Subjects:New Castle County (Del.)--History--19th century | United States--History--War of 1812
Creator:Herdman, William
Title:Bill of sale for Caleb Cox
Call No:MSS 0098, F0017
Abstract:Legal document stating that a slave, named Caleb Cox, has been sold by Mary and William Herdman, administrators of the state of John Herdman, to John Thompson of New Castle,[...] Delaware.
Subjects:Slavery--Delaware--History--19th century | New Castle County (Del.)--History--19th century
Creator:Wilmington Public Schools (Del.)
Title:Rules for the government of the public schools of Wilmington, Del.
Date(s):approximately 19th century
Call No:MSS 0098, F0018
Abstract:Consists of a list of rules for parents with children attending public schools in Wilmington, Delaware, including rule on student absences, student behavior, and school holidays.
Subjects:New Castle County (Del.)--History
Creator:Letherbury, W. S.
Title:Odessa & Middletown Railway schedule of cars
Call No:MSS 0098, F0019
Abstract:Printed card listing the arrival and departure schedule for the Odessa & Middletown Railway effective November 28, 1904.
Subjects:New Castle County (Del.)--History--20th century
Creator:Friends' Social Lyceum (Wilmington, Del.)
Title:Excursion of the Friends' Social Lyceum of Wilmington to Elysian Fields
Call No:MSS 0098, F0020
Abstract:Printed brochure describing the program and travel arrangements for the literary society's group trip to a local grove, Elysian Fields, on June 4, 1870.
Subjects:New Castle County (Del.)--History--19th century
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