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Creator:Adams, Léonie, 1899-1988
Title:Léonie Adams letter to Larry Dingman
Call No:MSS 0099, F0001
Abstract:Léonie Adams letter to Larry Dingman in reply to a request for information concerning any limited signed editions by Adams. Adams discusses the limited signed edition of her first book,[...] Those Not Elect, which was issued in a run of only 10 copies on gray paper and given only to friends and relatives.
Subjects:Poets, American--20th century | New Milford (Conn.)
Creator:Ainsworth, William Harrison, 1805-1882
Title:William H. Ainsworth letter to Charles Ollier
Call No:MSS 0099, F0005
Abstract:William Harrison Ainsworth letter to Charles Ollier, requesting that his friend make his earnest excuses to Lady [Catherine] Stanhope for refusing her invitation to "meet a few friends," as he[...] is sure his friend was responsible for the invitation, and explaining that a long-standing engagement with [Henry] William Pickersgill prevents his accepting.
Subjects:Authors, English--19th century | Painters (artists)
Creator:University of Delaware Library, Special Collections
Title:Thomas B. Aldrich letter to William W. Story
Call No:MSS 0099, F0006
Abstract:Autograph letter to William Wetmore Story from Thomas Bailey Aldrich in his capacity as editor of the Atlantic Monthly, dated May 21, 1883.
Subjects:Poets, American--19th century | Authors, American--19th century--Correspondence | Editors--England--History--19th century
Creator:Boyle, Kay, 1902-1992
Title:Kay Boyle letters to Basil Burwell
Call No:MSS 0099, F0017
Abstract:American author and activist Kay Boyle (1902-1992) wrote four letters to American actor and educator Basil Burwell (1911-1997) between 1954 and 1972, commenting on the relationship between their families and[...] the Cherry Lawn School, where Burwell taught and both had children in attendance.
Subjects:Authors, American--20th century--Correspondence
Creator:Colum, Padraic, 1881-1972
Title:The County Mayo : poem
Call No:MSS 0099, F0042
Abstract:Poem titled "The County Mayo" translated from the Irish by Irish poet Padraic Colum.
Subjects:Irish poetry--Translations into English | Poets | Mayo (Ireland : County)
Creator:Gogarty, Oliver St. John, 1878-1957
Title:Oliver St. John Gogarty letter to Ernest Augustus Boyd
Call No:MSS 0099, F0091
Abstract:A submission for the magazine The Smart Set from Irish writer Oliver St. John Gogarty to author Ernest Augustus Boyd.
Subjects:Authors, Irish--20th century--Correspondence | Authors
Creator:Gosse, Edmund, 1849-1928
Title:Edmund Gosse letters
Call No:MSS 0099, F0092
Abstract:This small collection contains fourteen letters from English author Edmund Gosse (1849-1928) to literary figures, agents, and book collectors, as well as members of high society, reflecting Gosse's close relationship[...] to all aspects of the literary industry. The letters covered a spectrum of topics, including the history of literary circles, historical figures, current literature by himself and others, as well as the movements and travels of people in his social circle.
Subjects:Authors, English--19th century--Correspondence | Authors, English--20th century--Correspondence | Authors
Creator:Gregory, Lady, 1852-1932
Title:Lady Gregory letter to Dorothy Radcliffe
Call No:MSS 0099, F0093
Abstract:Letter from Lady Gregory to Dorothy Radcliffe.
Subjects:Authors, Irish--20th century--Correspondence | Authors
Creator:Gregory, Lady, 1852-1932
Title:Lady Gregory letter to Grosvenor
Date(s):[no year] October 11
Call No:MSS 0099, F0094
Abstract:Letter from Lady Gregory to Grosvenor.
Subjects:Authors, Irish--20th century--Correspondence | Authors
Creator:Guinan, John, 1874-1945
Title:Black Oliver : playscript
Call No:MSS 0099, F0095
Abstract:This collection consists of the typed playscript, "Black Oliver," which is subtitled "A Play in One Act." According to the Dictionary of Irish Literature, this play was performed at the[...] Abbey Theatre in 1927.
Subjects:English drama--Irish authors--20th century | Playwrights
Creator:Hickey, Emily Henrietta, 1845-1924
Title:Emily Henrietta Hickey letter to Lord Archbishop
Call No:MSS 0099, F0106
Abstract:Letter from Irish author Emily Henrietta Hickey to Lord Archbishop originally laid in a copy of Hickey's Verse-tales, Lyrics and Translations (1889).
Subjects:Authors, Irish--20th century--Correspondence | Authors
Creator:Hone, Joseph M. (Joseph Maunsell), 1882-1959
Title:Joseph M. Hone letters to Hylda Wrench
Call No:MSS 0099, F0109
Abstract:Irish literary critic and biographer Joseph M. Hone (1882-1959) wrote ten letters to Lady Hylda Henrietta Wrench (1879-1955) in 1906, discussing current literature and Irish theatre. A poem titled "Mars,"[...] mentioned in the letters and written in Hone's hand, is also included.
Subjects:Authors, Irish--20th century--Correspondence | English drama--Irish authors--20th century | Theater--Ireland--History--20th century | Authors | More Subjects
Creator:Hunt, Leigh, 1784-1859
Title:Leigh Hunt letter to Charles Ollier
Call No:MSS 0099, F0112
Abstract:This is a letter from English essayist and poet Leigh Hunt to English publisher, writer, and editor Charles Ollier.
Subjects:Authors, English--19th century | Poets, English--19th century
Creator:Lawless, Emily, 1845-1913
Title:Emily Lawless letter to Smith
Call No:MSS 0099, F0131
Abstract:Letter from Irish author Emily Lawless to "Mr. Smith" originally laid in a copy of Lawless' book Atlantic Rhymes and Rhythm (1898).
Subjects:Authors, Irish--20th century--Correspondence | Authors
Creator:McAlmon, Robert, 1896-1956
Title:Robert McAlmon letters to Edward Titus
Call No:MSS 0099, F0152
Abstract:American author and publisher Robert McAlmon (1896-1956) wrote ten letters to the publisher and magazine editor Edward Titus (born 1880) between 1928 and 1930, concerning several works that McAlmon hoped[...] to distribute through Titus's Paris bookstore.
Subjects:Authors, American--20th century--Correspondence | Literature publishing--France--Paris--History--20th century | Publishers | Editors (assembling, revising) | More Subjects
Creator:Monroe, Harriet, 1860-1936
Title:Harriet Monroe letters to Grant Hyde Code
Call No:MSS 0099, F0159
Abstract:Letters from American poet and Poetry editor Harriet Monroe (1860-1936) to American poet, editor, and teacher Grant Hyde Code (1896-1974), detailing a professional correspondence centering on his submissions to and[...] support of Poetry.
Subjects:Poetry--Publishing--United States--History--20th century | Poetry--Periodicals--History--20th century | Poets, American--20th century--Correspondence | Editors (assembling, revising) | More Subjects
Creator:O'Casey, Sean, 1880-1964
Title:Purple dust : essay
Call No:MSS 0099, F0167
Abstract:Essay titled "Purple Dust," written by Sean O'Casey, circa 1962.
Subjects:Dramatists, Irish--20th century | Authors
Creator:O'Casey, Sean, 1880-1964
Title:Young Cassidy : manuscript
Call No:MSS 0099, F0168
Abstract:Screenplay revisions loosely based on O'Casey's autobiography.
Subjects:Dramatists, Irish--20th century | Authors
Creator:O'Casey, Sean, 1880-1964
Title:The silver tassie : playscript
Call No:MSS 0099, F0169
Abstract:Undated playscript by Irish writer Sean O'Casey.
Subjects:English drama--Irish authors--20th century | Playwrights
Creator:O'Casey, Sean, 1880-1964
Title:Sean O'Casey letters to Bumpus and Company
Call No:MSS 0099, F0170
Abstract:Two letters from Irish writer Sean O'Casey to Bumpus and Company.
Subjects:Authors, Irish--20th century--Correspondence | Authors
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