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Creator:Bank of the United States (1791-1811)
Title:W. Young, Mills & Son watermarked bank bonds
Call No:MSS 0098, F0126
Abstract:This one sheet of eight W. Young, Mills & Son (W Y & Co.) watermarked bank bonds for duties payable at Bank of United States dates from circa 1803-1811. This[...] was William Young (1755-1829) & Co. of Philadelphia who established a paper mill in Delaware about 1794 with his partner, Robert Gilmour. Young became the sole proprietor in 1803 and had a thriving business until a fire destroyed his paper mill in 1814. The charter for the First Bank of the United States was granted in 1791 for a term of 20 years which expired in 1811.
Subjects:Paper mills--Delaware--History--18th century | New Castle (Del.)
Creator:Breintnalt, David
Title:David Breintnalt bill for shoemaking services
Call No:MSS 0098, F0086
Abstract:A handwritten account detail of M. Dickinson's bill with shoemaker David Breintnalt.
Subjects:Delaware--History--19th century
Creator:University of Delaware Library, Special Collections
Title:Letters to William Young
Call No:MSS 0098, F0178
Abstract:The correspondence contained in this collection is addressed to William Young in regards to his papermaking business in Delaware. Notable letters are from the Treasury Department Revenue Office with orders[...] for stationery. The shipping receipts give a good sense of the quantities of materials that William Young shipped during the late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century.
Subjects:Papermaking--Delaware--History--19th century | Brandywine Creek (Pa. and Del.)
Creator:Clow, Andrew, 1750-1793
Title:Andrew Clow & Co. papers
Call No:MSS 0242
Abstract:Andrew Clow and David Cay were the principal partners of Andrew Clow & Co., an importing/exporting firm based in Philadelphia. The firm owned several ships which traded goods in England,[...] France, Spain, the Bahamas, and ports in the Eastern United States. While the main business of the firm was in trading textile goods, it also shipped other goods, including sugar and grain. The collection contains business correspondence of Andrew Clow & Co., concerning orders and shipments of goods to various ports, payment for goods, and financial agreements between the firm and other merchants. Many of these letters concern business transactions between the firm and Joseph Hadfield, the main agent in London. Other correspondents include Peter Clement (London); Thomas Hadfield; Rathbone & Benson; Tunisey, Power & Co.; DeMierre & Christin (London); and Douat, Labate & Plante. Correspondence after September 1793 (the time of both partners' deaths) concerns matters of the estate.
Creator:Hamilton, John
Title:Hamilton and Hood papers
Call No:MSS 0511
Abstract:John Hamilton and John M. Hood were grocers and wine merchants in Philadelphia in the early nineteenth century. The Hamilton and Hood Papers, spanning the dates 1796 – 1831, was[...] a gift of the Moyerman family, circa 1970-1972. The collection consists of 31 items (.1 linear ft.) of business correspondence received by Mr. John Hamilton and Mr. John M. Hood, and a 1796 medical bill for the treatment of James Hood’s wife (relation to John M. Hood not clear).
Creator:Hamilton & Hood
Title:Hamilton and Hood papers
Call No:MSS 0519
Abstract:John Hamilton and John M. Hood were grocers and wine merchants in Philadelphia in the early nineteenth century. Prior to the establishment of the firm[...] Hamilton & Hood the men were involved in the firms Lentz & Hood, 1803 - 1806, and Hamilton & Drew, 1805 – 1810. As grocers and merchants they were engaged in economic transactions throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, especially New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. The collection consists of 31 items (.1 linear ft.) of business correspondence received by Mr. John Hamilton and Mr. John M. Hood, and a 1796 medical bill for the treatment of James Hood’s wife (relation to John M. Hood not clear). This small collection provides insight into the nature of the market economy in the early republic period in America. Students of early nineteenth century American history will find useful evidence of economic transactions and commercial delivery throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.
Creator:Elliot, Harriet, -1825
Title:Harriet Elliot manuscript original drawings
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0049
Abstract:This bound volume of original graphite sketches, notes, and nature prints is attributed to Harriet Elliot (d. 1825), daughter of Gilbert Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound, 1st Earl of Minto. Minto House and[...] the surrounding landscape in Roxburghshire, Scotland, are the subjects of this sketchbook, with contents dated between 1807-1808. The volume also includes copied verse and studies of geometry and perspective.
Subjects:Landscapes--Scotland--Pictorial works | Botanical illustration | Artists (visual artists) | Roxburghshire (Scotland)
Creator:University of Delaware Library, Special Collections
Title:Index to remarkable passages : recipe book
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0154
Abstract:This manuscript volume, titled “Index to Remarkable Passages,” comprises recipes for medical conditions, household problems, and agricultural concerns, and was made by an unknown creator in approximately 1803-1804.
Subjects:Formulas, recipes, etc--History--19th century | Medicine--Formulae, receipts, prescriptions--History--19th century | Agriculture--History--19th century | Farmers
Creator:Beale, Joseph Hoare, -1848
Title:Joseph Hoare Beale journals
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0002
Abstract:The Joseph Hoare Beale journals, 1796-1848, consist of nine volumes kept by a world traveler of the late eighteenth to late nineteenth-centuries. Beale, who may have been of Irish origin[...] and served as secretary to Lord Thomas Pitt in Ceylon before traveling to America, recorded weather observations, activities, and expenses in the five "daily weather diaries." He also produced a holograph of Sir Thomas Moore's "Sacred Melodies."
Subjects:Climatology--Observations--History--19th century | Medicine--Formulae, receipts, prescriptions--History--19th century | Formulas, recipes, etc--History--19th century | Secretaries--Diaries | More Subjects
Creator:Creator unknown
Title:Manuscript recipes
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0100
Abstract:This undated, handwritten manuscript includes cookery and medical recipes. Most likely early nineteenth-century American in origin, it features twenty pages with approximately forty-five entries of cooking and medicinal recipes and[...] additional household tips.
Subjects:Cooking--History--19th century | Formulas, recipes, etc--History--19th century | Herbs--Therapeutic use--History--19th century | Medicine--Formulae, receipts, prescriptions--History--19th century
Creator:Smith, Charles, 1765-1836
Title:Charles Smith papers
Call No:MSS 0539
Abstract:The Charles Smith papers consists of 1.6 linear feet of material including a collection of trial notes, letters pertaining to his career as a lawyer and judge, business receipts, papers[...] related to state business, personal letters and bank books, all of which range from 1795 to 1847.
Subjects:Justice, Administration of--Pennsylvania--History--19th century | Lawyers--Pennsylvania--History--19th century | Lawyers | Judges
Creator:Creator unknown
Title:The Marshals of Napoleon collection
Call No:MSS 0384
Abstract:On May 19, 1804, just one day after being proclaimed emperor of France, Napoleon created the office of Maréchal, or "Marshal of the Empire," an[...] elite civil (rather than military) rank that was bestowed upon a number of prominent and loyal generals in his army. Many of those appointed to the Marshalate continued to serve in the army, but others were inactive and served in high-ranking positions within the government. Most received ducal titles in connection with their appointment to the Marshalate, as well as grants of money and privilege. The sixty-seven documents and portraits in the Marshals of Napoleon collection were assembled for their associative value with Napoleon. All but two of Napoleon's twenty-six marshals, Murat and Suchet, are represented. In addition, the collection includes documents from H. J. G. Clarke (appointed Marshal under Louis XVIII), Alexander Lameth, Eugène de Beauharmais, Hughes Marat, Louis Philippe de Ségur, and Napoleon. Each individual is represented by one or more signed documents, and there are portraits of all but Jean Sérurier. The portraits are hand-colored engravings, most of which are plates which were removed from books. The documents in the collection reflect the various administrative duties of the signers; they primarily concern military orders such as the movement of troops or requisition of supplies.
Creator:Friendship Fire Company (Wilmington, Del.)
Title:Records of the Friendship Fire Company, Wilmington, Delaware
Call No:MSS 0463
Abstract:The Friendship Fire Company of Wilmington, Delaware, the first volunteer fire department in the city’s history, was founded in December of 1775 by a group[...] of prominent citizens who were frustrated with the lack of fire protection in their region. After the Revolutionary War, the company made an active effort to recruit more members. During the late-eighteenth and early-nineteenth centuries, the Friendship Fire Company continued to grow. It acquired more sophisticated equipment, including a small hand engine in 1790 to supplement the two supplied by the Borough of Wilmington. The records of the Friendship Fire Company consist of one volume and two loose documents. The documents include the Constitution of the Friendship Fire Company with its Act of Incorporation, dated 15 January 1805, and an undated list of the Company’s rules and regulations, which seems to have been written at the time of the incorporation. The volume contains the Friendship Fire Company’s official minutes from 1784 to 1828 and several other records. The minutes of the semi-monthly meetings of the Company, which make up most of the volume, contain details on the routine operations of the organization. Topics include the Company’s membership and attendance; dues and fines owed by members; the acquisition of firefighting equipment; the elections of officers; and the administration of the Company, including issues relating to incorporation, the bylaws, and the Constitution. Other fire prevention concerns, such as cooperation with other fire companies and local ordinances on chimney maintenance (passed in 1793 and 1803), are also addressed in the minutes.
Creator:Swift, Dudley
Title:Dudley Swift diary
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0073
Abstract:This diary was kept by Dudley Swift, a resident of Hampden County, Massachusetts, near the town of Chicopee, between 1784 and 1844. He recorded brief entries about the weather and[...] agricultural patterns.
Subjects:Agriculture--History--19th century | Climatology--Observations--History--19th century | Surveyors | Chicopee (Mass.) | More Subjects
Creator:Capen, Robert
Title:Journal of Robert Capen
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0075
Abstract:This volume is a receipt book kept by the Boston, Massachusetts, shipping firm of Thompson and Gridley for the period 1758-1765 and is interspersed with the diary of Robert Capen.[...] The diary was written in 1811 and 1812. The entries document the weather and wind direction as well as occurances in the town of Canton, Massachusetts. There is also a single account for Samuel Capen of Canton to Robert Capen, for the period 1810-1812.
Subjects:Climatology--Observations--History--19th century | Coastwise shipping--Massachusetts--Boston--History--18th century | Financial Statements--History--18th century | Financial Statements--History--19th century | More Subjects
Creator:Fotterall, Sarah K.
Title:Manuscript recipe book
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0107
Abstract:This early- to mid-nineteenth-century manuscript book records recipes for food, medicinal cures, and household tips. It belonged to Sarah K. Fotterall who may have lived in the Mid-Atlantic region, possibly[...] Philadelphia.
Subjects:Cooking, American--History--19th century | Formulas, recipes, etc | Medicine--Formulae, receipts, prescriptions--History--19th century
Creator:Hulings, David Watts, 1793-1858
Title:David Watts Hulings papers
Call No:MSS 0575
Abstract:The business records of nineteenth-century lawyer, land investor, and businessman David Watts Hulings of Lewistown, Mifflin County, Pennsylvania. In addition to legal documents - case judgments and settlements, depositions, power[...] of attorneys, and summonses - the collection also includes deeds, leases, letters, and bank checks.
Subjects:Lawyers--Pennsylvania--History--19th century | Iron industry and trade--Pennsylvania--History--19th century | Banks and banking--History--19th century | Lawyers | More Subjects
Creator:Lenox, David, 1753-1828
Title:Major David Lenox papers
Call No:MSS 0649
Abstract:Major David Lenox (1753-1828) served in the Revolutionary War and later became a successful merchant, Federal marshal, diplomat, and banker in Philadelphia. This collection consists of one linear foot of[...] correspondence relating to David Lenox's career following the Revolutionary War. In particular, these letters focus on land speculation, duties in the Whiskey Rebellion, executorship of estates, banking, personal business and household receipts, and records relating to the settlement of his estate.
Subjects:Whiskey Rebellion, Pa., 1794 | Banks and banking--History--18th century | Banks and banking--History--19th century | Land speculation--Pennsylvania--History--18th century | More Subjects
Creator:Shipley, Thomas, 1784-1836
Title:Thomas Shipley letter to John Shipley
Call No:MSS 0098, F0082
Abstract:Letter from Thomas Shipley to his brother, John Shipley, about the high price of flour at the market.
Subjects:Philadelphia (Pa.)--History--18th century
Creator:Howell, Arthur, -1816
Title:Arthur Howell letter to Clement Laws
Call No:MSS 0098, F0085
Abstract:One handwritten letter from tanner and currier Arthur Howell to Clement Laws about the falling sales and prices of finished leather in the Delaware Valley region.
Subjects:Philadelphia (Pa.)--History--19th century
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