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Creator:James, G. P. R. (George Payne Rainsford), 1801?-1860
Title:G. P. R. James letter to Charles Ollier
Call No:MSS 0099, F0862
Abstract:British novelist G. P. R. James wrote this letter to Charles Ollier to inquire regarding an anticipated shipment of his books from Bentley's, which he had not received.
Subjects:Novelists, English--19th century
Creator:Hazlitt, Margaret, 1770-1841
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0034
Abstract:Margaret Hazlitt's "Recollections" of her father Reverend William Hazlitt (1737-1820), and her brothers essayist and critic William Hazlitt (1778-1830) and artist John Hazlitt (1767-1837) cover the period 1737 to approximately[...] 1812. The diary is of interest for its account of the origins and history of the Hazlitt family and its detailed description of the visit of the Reverend William Hazlitt and his family to North America from 1783 to 1787.
Subjects:Authors, English--19th century--Biography | Boston (Mass.)--History--18th century | Boston (Mass.)--History--19th century
Creator:Shore, Emily, 1819-1839
Title:Emily Shore journals
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0104
Abstract:These three manuscripts are the seventh, tenth, and twelfth of twelve journal volumes created by a young Englishwoman named Emily Shore (1819-1839). Shore wrote these journals between October 1836 and[...] July 1839, while she traveled around southern England, the Channel Islands, and Madeira, before dying of tuberculosis in Funchal, Madeira.
Subjects:Diarists | Travelers--Diaries | Authors, English--19th century | Women travelers--19th century | More Subjects
Creator:Jonson, George W. (George Washington), 1801-1880
Title:Swan family journal
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0072
Abstract:This manuscript volume is a family journal kept by George Washington Jonson and members of the Swan family of Easton, Massachusetts, between September 1838 and January 1839. Also included are[...] nine letters from Louisa Sophia Johnson Swan, Jr., to Jonson, her uncle.
Subjects:Poetry--19th century | Education--United States--History--19th century | Women--Education--United States--History--19th century | United States--Politics and government--19th century | More Subjects
Creator:Voorhies, Athaliah, 1799-approximately 1893
Title:Athaliah Voorhies spiritual journal
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0116
Abstract:This spiritual diary and journal was kept by Athaliah Voorhies of Hamilton Square, New Jersey, from 1838-1844. Entries primarily are of a religious nature and feature meditations, biblical text, and[...] comments on sermons delivered by a number of preachers. Brief entries also note community births, deaths, marriages, accidents, and events regarding family members.
Subjects:Presbyterians--United States--History--19th century | Spiritual life--Presbyterian Church | Sermons, American--19th century | Hamilton Square (N.J.)--History--19th century
Creator:Creator unknown
Title:British scrapbook of the late Regency-early Victorian period
Call No:MSS 0093, Item 0041
Abstract:This early nineteenth-century British scrapbook features both copied and original riddles and poems. Images included in this collection are political cartoons, fashionable ladies and gentlemen, architecture, animals, birds, flowers and[...] fruit. Thematic arrangements of scraps include virtue, marriage, courtship, mourning and the loss of family members.
Subjects:Great Britain--Politics and government--19th century--Humor | Great Britain--Pictorial works
Creator:Puymaurin, Jean-Pierre-Casimir de Marcassus, baron de, 1757-1841
Title:Receueil d'Observations
Call No:MSS 0095, Item 0032
Abstract:This bound nineteenth-century French manuscript is a sort of commonplace book, written in part and compiled by Jean-Pierre-Casimir Marcassus de Puymaurin, records his observations about many different subjects, including agriculture,[...] rural economic concerns, manufacturing developments, scientific experiments, medical and pharmacological remedies and recipes, historical events, and political topics.
Subjects:Agriculture--France--History--18th century | Agriculture--France--History--19th century | Medicine--Formulae, receipts, prescriptions--History--19th century | Politics, practical--France--History--18th century | More Subjects
Creator:Boynton, Lucien Cyrus, 1811-1896
Title:Journal or a running record of some of the thoughts, feelings and events of my life
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0007
Abstract:This journal documents the life of nineteenth-century Vermont native and lawyer Lucien Cyrus Boynton, as well as his introspective musings on religion, nature, and philosophy during the period 1835-1853.
Subjects:Philosophy, American--19th century | Lawyers | New England--Description and Travel | Middle Atlantic States--Description and Travel | More Subjects
Creator:Bradley family
Title:Bradley commonplace book
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0114
Abstract:This journal and commonplace book was kept by Bradley (first name unknown), a resident of Keighley, England, from approximately 1831 to 1845. The journal contains periodic entries of life events,[...] but is primarily a notebook of assorted facts, including histories of local buildings, events, mathematical problems, political elections, mill owners, and death dates of residents in Keighley and York. The journal also includes notes of "current" events such as the visit of then-Princess Victoria to the Cathedral of York in 1835, Frederick William of Prussia's death, and the removal of Napoleon's remains from St. Helena to Paris.
Subjects:Textile factories--England--Yorkshire--History--19th century | Laborers | Great Britain--History--19th century | Keighley (England)--History--19th century
Creator:Clark, John A. (John Alonzo), 1801-1843
Title:The Reverend John Alonzo Clark sermons
Call No:MSS 0378
Abstract:The Reverend John Alonzo Clark was born in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, in May 1801. His professional career spanned the years of the Second Great Awakening, an[...] evangelical movement which spread across much of the country, but was most strongly felt in portions of the Northeast. Aside from his numerous sermons, Clark authored several longer works In 1835, Clark became a member of the American Tract Society, an organization committed to the evangelical ideal of saving souls for Christ. This goal was to be accomplished, in part, by the distribution of religious tracts to every family in the United States within one generation. The collection spans the period 1828-1842, and consists of twenty-nine small booklets of sermons, two bound volumes of sermons, a booklet that consists of an index of his early sermons, and a certificate from the American Tract Society. The sermons were all written by Clark, and were preached at various locations, including churches in New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Boston, and Philadelphia. Though the collection contains only some of the hundreds of sermons which Clark wrote and preached during his short career, the information which he provided about the date and location of his preaching offers a general indication of his movements over the course of the late 1820s and 1830s.
Creator:Talley, Samuel M., 1815-1896
Title:Samuel M. Talley trigonometry notebook and account book
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0112
Abstract:This trigonometry and surveying notebook belonged to Samuel M. Talley, who lived in Brandywine Hundred, near Wilmington, Delaware, in the nineteenth century. The notebook features mathematical problems and solutions related[...] to the principles of trigonometry and the surveying of land. The latter part of the volume contains an account book listing wages due for farm labor.
Subjects:Agriculture--Delaware--History--19th century | Education--Curricula--History--19th century | Surveying--Mathematics | Trigonometry--Problems, exercises, etc | More Subjects
Creator:Creator unknown
Title:Manuscript recipe book
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0145
Abstract:This nineteenth-century manuscript recipe book from an unknown creator contains forty-eight pages of handwritten entries and printed clippings of food, medicinal, and housekeeping receipts. The clippings appear to be from[...] different publications, with no discernible organization.
Subjects:Cooking--History--19th century | Formulas, recipes, etc | Medicine--Formulae, receipts, prescriptions--History--19th century
Creator:Bayard, James A. (James Asheton), 1767-1815
Title:James Asheton Bayard receipts
Call No:MSS 0098, F0003
Abstract:Receipts and letters related to services and materials rendered by Wilmington, Delaware, merchants to James Asheton Bayard, Senior and Junior, and the Wilmington Whaling company.
Subjects:New Castle County (Del.)--History--19th century
Creator:Hall, Willard, 1780-1875
Title:Willard Hall letters
Call No:MSS 0098, F0031
Abstract:Consists of three handwritten letters from Williard Hall, U.S. Representative (R-Delaware), lawyer, and judge from Delaware. The earliest of the three letters is a letter of recommendation for a resident[...] of Delaware wishing for a clerkship in the Navy department. The second is a letter to Delaware Governor Charles Thomas on whether or not one could serve as a Governor and Speaker of the Senate at the same time. The third letter is addressed to Abraham Staats, Auditor of Accounts for the State of Delaware, in response to Staats' question about whether or not the schools in New Castle County were receiving the currect amounts of funds.
Subjects:New Castle County (Del.)--History--19th century
Creator:Hull, John C., 1787-1872
Title:John C. Hull letters to John Thomson
Call No:MSS 0098, F0149
Abstract:This group of twenty-four lengthy autograph letters, 1825-1845, from John C. Hull at various locations in Maryland, (West) Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, are addressed to his father-in-law John Thomson in[...] Newark, Delaware, and are full of business and family news. (Three letters from Jane Thomson Hull to her father are also included in this small collection.)
Subjects:Newark (Del.)
Creator:Lover, Samuel, 1797-1868
Title:Samuel Lover letters
Call No:MSS 0099, F0539
Abstract:Letters from Samuel Lover to various individuals.
Subjects:Authors, Irish--19th century--Correspondence | Authors
Creator:Belville, Sarah
Title:Sarah Belville early nineteenth-century friendship album
Call No:MSS 0093, Item 0054
Abstract:This friendship album belonged to Sarah Belville of Christiana, Delaware, and contains poems, tributes, and classical quotations from Belville's friends, who sometimes sign or initial, give their location, and date[...] their contributions.
Subjects:Scrapbooks--United States--History--19th century | Female friendship--United States--History--19th century | Calligraphy--United States--19th century--Specimens
Creator:Snow, Theodore William, 1810-1872
Title:Journal of voyage to England- travels in England, Wales, Ireland Scotland voyage home, March 29th - Oct. 25th 1834 : Journal of a voyage to Rio de Janeiro-Bahia-Pernambuco New York, Dec 15th 1835
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0068
Abstract:Reverend Theodore William Snow's travel journal chronicles three separate trips to the British Isles and Brazil in the 1830s. Snow’s ink and pencil entries fill a marbleized paper-covered account book[...] and detail travel by ship, landmarks and structures seen, events, social customs, and religious practices.
Subjects:Religion and culture--Europe--History--19th century | Travel--Guidebooks--History--19th century | Voyages and travels--History--19th century | Ocean travel--History--19th century | More Subjects
Creator:George, W. O.
Title:W. O. George manuscript medicinal recipe book
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0129
Abstract:Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, resident W. O. George’s nineteenth century manuscript volume comprises approximately fifty pages of handwritten medicinal recipes. These recipes employ chemical (rather than herbal) means for their cures.
Subjects:Medicine--Formulae, receipts, prescriptions--History--19th century | Formulas, recipes, etc--History--19th century
Creator:McLane, Louis, 1786-1857
Title:Louis McLane letters
Call No:MSS 0098, F0163
Abstract:Consists of 14 handwritten letters by Louis McLane, a U.S. Senator (R-Delaware) and cabinet officer from Smyrna, Delaware, to various correspondents, mostly concerning business, governmental, and financial matters.
Subjects:Delaware--History--19th century
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