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Creator:Creator unknown
Title:Nineteenth-century children's scrap album with photograph of two boys
Call No:MSS 0093, Item 0032
Abstract:This nineteenth-century children's scrapbook bears the title "ALBUM" in blue letters with additional black and gold stamping on the maroon cloth cover. The scrapbook, which is completely filled with carefully[...] placed images throughout, features collectible, die-cut, color scraps from sets of flowers, cats, dogs, birds, butterflies, insects, reptiles, children, cherubs, cartoonish faces, comic figures, and fashionable women and characters in ethnic dress. The album also includes holiday greeting cards and one photograph of two boys on a page about eight leaves from the back of the volume.
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Subjects:Scrapbooks--History--19th century
Creator:Creator unknown
Title:British late-Victorian album with "Ally Sloper" characters and other scraps
Call No:MSS 0093, Item 0044
Abstract:This late Victorian-era scrap album, likely made by a young British boy, bears a black lacquered board cover adorned with a hand-painted bouquet of flowers, ferns, and foliage. Contents include[...] die-cut color scraps of animals, flowers, and a color set of characters from "Ally Sloper," the popular Victorian comic strip. A set of colored transfer prints depict fables and nursery rhymes and a set of color-printed square cards depicts the Stations of the Cross.
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Subjects:English wit and humor, Pictorial | Comic books, strips, etc--Great Britain | Children--Religious life | Scrapbooks--Great Britain--History--19th century
Creator:Chappell, Daniel A.
Title:Remarks on board the ship Rambler
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0010
Abstract:This bound volume is a typed transcript of a log for the bark Rambler kept by Daniel A. Chappell, the ship's cooper. It documents a Pacific-bound whaling voyage out of[...] New Bedford, Massachusetts, for the period 1852-1855.
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Subjects:Barks (Sailing ships)--History--19th century | Logbooks--19th century | Whaling--History--19th century | Whalemen | More Subjects
Creator:Clarke, John, 1817-
Title:On board the ship Governor Morton
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0013
Abstract:Journal kept by the passenger John Clarke aboard the ship Governor Morton documenting the trip from New York to San Francisco between March 12, 1852 and December 20, 1852.
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Subjects:Clipper ships--History--19th century | Ocean travel--History--19th century | Voyages to the Pacific coast--19th century | Carpenters--Diaries | More Subjects
Creator:Darley, Arthur, active 1842-1843
Title:Personal journal of Captain Arthur Darley, R.N.
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0018
Abstract:Personal journal kept by Captain Arthur Darley of the British Royal Navy aboard the HMS Electra describing his travels throughout Bermuda, the West Indies, Jamaica, Honduras, Colombia, Havana, Belize, and[...] Galveston, Texas, from January 1, 1842 through February 3, 1843.
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Subjects:Seafaring life--History--19th century | Seafaring life--Great Britain--History--19th century | Sloops--History--19th century | Armed Forces--Officers--Diaries | More Subjects
Creator:Dodds, George, active 1799-1800
Title:Ship's log for the snow Susana
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0022
Abstract:Ship's log kept by George Dodds [Dods] aboard the snow Susana documenting the voyage from Newport, Rhode Island, to Havana, Cuba, from December 21, 1799, to March 20, 1800.
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Subjects:Logbooks--19th century | Seafaring life--History--19th century | Shipping--Cuba--Havana--History--19th century | Shipping--New England--History--19th century | More Subjects
Creator:Doran, James S., active 1866-1872
Title:Private journal of James S. Doran
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0023
Abstract:The journal is a personal narrative of James S. Doran, who served in the capacity of engineer on several steamships, including theMerrimack, the Thomas Kelso, the San Pelago, and the[...] City of Mexico from May 17, 1866 through April 25, 1872.
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Subjects:Seafaring life--History--19th century | Steam engineers--19th century--Diaries | Steamboats--history--19th century | Marine engineers
Creator:Durfee, P. B.
Title:My Journey to Memphis
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0024
Abstract:This journal belonged to P. B. Durfee and chronicles two trips from Providence, Rhode Island, to Memphis, Tennessee, where he worked as a clerk during the 1860s.
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Subjects:Railroad travel--United States--History--19th century | Voyages and travels--History--19th century | Clerks of the works--Diaries | Clerks of the works | More Subjects
Creator:Emerson, H. A.
Title:Journal of H. A. Emerson
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0027
Abstract:Diary written by H. A. Emerson, nineteenth century paper mill owner in Franklin, Massachusetts. Entries focus on paper mill production and success, weather, local social events, family travels, with brief[...] mentions of national political affairs in 1864.
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Subjects:Choirs (Music)--History--19th century | Papermaking--Massachusetts--History--19th century | Papermakers | Franklin (Mass.)--History--19th century
Creator:Harding, Henry A., active 1879-1882
Title:Ship's log of the Otago
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0033
Abstract:Journal kept by Henry A. Harding aboard the ship Otago documenting voyages from Port Blakely, Washington Territory, to Noumea, New Caledonia, with stops at Newcastle, Australia, and Honolulu, Hawaii, between[...] April 18th, 1879 and December 11, 1882.
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Subjects:Logbooks--19th century | Lumber trade--United States--History--19th century | Seafaring life--History--19th century | Shipping--Washington--History--19th century | More Subjects
Creator:Hodge, Frederick A., active 1881-1885
Title:Log of the HMS Minotaur, kept by F. A. Hodge
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0038
Abstract:Logbook kept by Frederick A. Hodge aboard the HMS ships Minotaur, Achilles, and Swiftsure documenting regular military voyages between February 14, 1881, and November 20, 1885, in a variety of[...] places, including Vigo, Spain; Lisbon, Portugal; Callao, Peru; the Galapagos Islands; the Sandwich Islands; Portsmouth, England; and Plymouth, England.
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Subjects:Logbooks--19th century | Military officers
Creator:Howell, Charles, active 1830-1833
Title:Charles Howell's journey at sea on board the ship Marcus of Sag Harbor, B. Green Master
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0040
Abstract:Ship's log kept by the whaler Charles Howell on the ship Marcus documenting three whaling voyages out of Sag Harbor, New York, between August 24, 1830, and March 12, 1833.
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Subjects:Logbooks--19th century | Whaling--New England--History--19th century | Whaling Ships--History--19th century | Whalemen | More Subjects
Creator:Ingraham, Duncan N. (Duncan Nathaniel), 1802-1891
Title:Journal of a cruise in the U.S. Steam Sloop Richmond
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0041
Abstract:Official United States Navy deck log of the United States Steam Sloop Richmond describing the journey of the Mediterranean Squadron from Norfolk, Virginia, to patrol on the Mediterranean from September[...] 27, 1860, to June 28, 1861.
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Subjects:Logbooks--19th century | Seafaring life--History--19th century | Sloops--History--19th century | Military officers
Creator:Johnson, George S., active 1881-1884
Title:Journal of a whaling voiage [sic] in the Atlantic ocean on Board Schr Antarctic
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0044
Abstract:Ship's log kept by Georg [George] S. Johnson aboard the schooner Antarctic documenting two whaling voyages out of Provincetown, Massachusetts, between November 10, 1881, and July 11, 1884.
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Subjects:Logbooks--19th century | Whaling--New England--History--19th century | Whaling Ships--History--19th century | Schooners--History--19th century | More Subjects
Creator:Jenny Pitts (Bark)
Title:Ship's log for the bark Jenny Pitts
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0045
Abstract:Partial ship's log kept by a crew member aboard the bark Jenny Pitts describing the voyage from Galway, Ireland, to Chincha Island, Peru, between April 16, 1862, and November 10,[...] 1862.
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Subjects:Barks (Sailing ships)--History--19th century | Logbooks--19th century | Guano industry--Peru--History--19th century | Pacific Area--Commerce--History--19th century | More Subjects
Creator:Smith, James E., active 1864
Title:Pocket diary
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0059
Abstract:This diary was kept by a member of the 56th Regiment Massachusetts Infantry, possibly named James E. Smith, from January 1 to May 5, 1864, during the U.S. Civil War.
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Subjects:Soldiers | Provincetown (Mass.)--History--19th century | United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865
Creator:Vinton, John Rogers, 1801-1847
Title:Private Journal No. V
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0062
Abstract:This diary of American soldier and painter John Rogers Vinton (1801-1847) covers the period September 20, 1827, to March 22, 1828, and provides a detailed look into the political and[...] social atmosphere of Washington, D.C., in the late 1820s. Vinton discusses Washington, D.C., politics (including the upcoming 1828 election between John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson), his duties as an officer in the military, as well as his social life, interest in painting, fashion, and theatrical performances.
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Subjects:Courtship--United States--History--19th century | Military officers | Artists (visual artists) | Washington (D.C.)--History--19th century | More Subjects
Creator:Rogers, Robert Possac, (1824-1907?)
Title:Journal of a voyage from Boston to Rio de Janeiro on board ship Franklin
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0064
Abstract:Journal kept by Robert Possac Rogers aboard the ship Franklin documenting the voyage from Boston to Rio de Janeiro between October 5, 1842, and November 26, 1842.
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Subjects:Merchant mariners--Diaries | Seafaring life--History--19th century | Shipping--New England--History--19th century | Shipping--Brazil--History--19th century | More Subjects
Creator:Sparhawk, George, active 1874-1882
Title:Journal of the U.S.S. Enterprise
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0070
Abstract:Deck log describing the journey of the United States steam sloop Enterprise from New York to European Station duty from November 1, 1878, through May 10, 1880.
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Subjects:Logbooks--19th century | Navy-yards and naval stations--History--19th century | Sloops--History--19th century | Soldiers--United States--Diaries | More Subjects
Creator:Strong, Frederick G., active 1865-1866
Title:Journal of a voyage from Boston to Newfoundland
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0071
Abstract:Ship's log kept by Frederick G. Strong aboard the schooner Lena documenting the shipping voyage from Boston, Massachusetts, to The Bay of Islands, Newfoundland, from November 12, 1865, to June[...] 9, 1866.
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Subjects:Logbooks--19th century | Shipping--Newfoundland and Labrador--History--19th century | Shipping--New England--History--19th century | Schooners--History--19th century | More Subjects
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