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Creator:Hartshorne, Charles, 1897-2000
Title:Charles and Dorothy Hartshorne collection of Jeremy Ingalls papers
Call No:MSS 0506
Abstract:The Charles and Dorothy Hartshorne collection of Jeremy Ingalls papers spans the dates 1960-1986, and consists of letters, poetry, offprints from Studia Mystica, an essay, a verse-play, and four songs;[...] all together this small collection establishes the long friendship between the Hartshornes and American poet Jeremy Ingalls.
Creator:Yeats, W. B. (William Butler), 1865-1939
Title:W. B. (William Butler) Yeats letter to George MacDonald
Call No:MSS 0099, F0325
Abstract:Letter from W. B. Yeats to George MacDonald and a letter from MacDonald's secretary to W. B. Yeats. These items were originally laid in W. B. Yeats's A Speech In[...] Two Poems (1937).
Subjects:Authors, Irish--20th century--Correspondence | Poets
Creator:Shorter, Dora Sigerson, 1866-1918
Title:Dora Shorter letter
Call No:MSS 0099, F0353
Abstract:Dora Sigerson Shorter letter to unidentified individual.
Subjects:Authors, Irish--20th century--Correspondence | Poets
Creator:Shorter, Clement King, 1857-1926
Title:Clement King Shorter letter to Gadric Gregory
Call No:MSS 0099, F0403
Abstract:Clement King Shorter letter to Gadric Gregory regarding Shorther's wife, Dora Sigerson Shorter.
Subjects:English poetry--Irish authors--20th century | Poets
Creator:MacGill, Patrick, 1890-1963
Title:Patrick MacGill letter, notes, and poem
Call No:MSS 0099, F0461
Abstract:Letter from Patrick MacGill which includes notes and lines of poetry by an unidentified person.
Subjects:Authors, Irish--20th century--Correspondence | Poets
Creator:Gibbon, Monk, 1896-
Title:Being but men : poem
Call No:MSS 0099, F0494
Abstract:Poem titled "Being But Men" by Irish poet Monk Gibbon.
Subjects:Irish poetry--20th century | Poets
Creator:Bunting, Basil
Title:Briggflatts: an autobiography : typescript
Call No:MSS 0099, F0639
Abstract:This original carbon typescript of Basil Bunting's Briggflatts: an autobiography bears three ink corrections made by the author.
Subjects:Poets, English--20th century | Poets
Creator:Carroll, Jim
Title:Jim Carroll poems
Call No:MSS 0099, F0755
Abstract:Ten poems by New York poet and musician Jim Carroll.
Subjects:American poetry--20th century | Poets
Creator:Bukowski, Charles
Title:Charles Bukowski poems and letter
Call No:MSS 0099, F0758
Abstract:Poetry poems and letter from American poet Charles Bukowski.
Subjects:Poets, American--20th century | Poets
Creator:Auden, W. H. (Wystan Hugh), 1907-1973
Title:W. H. Auden letters to Reed Whittemore
Call No:MSS 0099, F0816
Abstract:Two letters written by W. H. Auden to Reed Whittemore.
Subjects:American poetry--20th century | Poets
Creator:Spender, Stephen, 1909-1995
Title:Stephen Spender letter to Reed Whittemore
Call No:MSS 0099, F0817
Abstract:One letter handwritten by Stephen Spender to Reed Whittemore.
Subjects:American poetry--20th century | Poets
Creator:Nicholson, Norman, 1914-1987
Title:Norman Nicholson - Recent poems : script
Call No:MSS 0099, F0900
Abstract:Norman Nicholson - Recent Poems is a mimeographed typescript of the script for a reading by British poet Norman Nicholson.
Subjects:Poets, English--20th century | Poets
Creator:Coffey, Brian, 1905-
Title:Brian Coffey letter to Dee
Call No:MSS 0099, F0934
Abstract:Irish poet Brian Coffey (1905-1995) handwrote this letter to an unidentified person named "Dee" to accompany an issue of The Lace Curtain, which published an extract from Concerning Making.
Subjects:Poets, Irish--20th century--Correspondence | Poets
Creator:Gutteridge, Bernard, 1916-1985
Title:The ladies of St Leonards : poem
Call No:MSS 0099, F0960
Abstract:British poet Bernard Gutteridge has handwritten the note: "the poem I promised you," above the title of this signed typescript of "The Ladies of St Leonards."
Subjects:Poets, English--20th century | Poets
Creator:Colum, Padraic, 1881-1972
Title:The County Mayo : poem
Call No:MSS 0099, F0042
Abstract:Poem titled "The County Mayo" translated from the Irish by Irish poet Padraic Colum.
Subjects:Irish poetry--Translations into English | Poets | Mayo (Ireland : County)
Creator:MacDonogh, Patrick.
Title:Patrick MacDonogh letter to Seumas O'Sullivan
Call No:MSS 0099, F0399
Abstract:Letter from Patrick MacDonogh to Seumas O'Sullivan, which was originally laid in a copy of MacDonogh's Over The Water and Other Poems.
Subjects:Authors, Irish--20th century--Correspondence | Authors | Poets
Creator:McClure, Michael
Title:Michael McClure correspondence with Arthur and Kit Knight
Call No:MSS 0099, F0756
Abstract:Correspondence exchanged between American Beat poet Michael McClure and Arthur and Kit Knight.
Subjects:Beat generation--History | Poets | Editors (assembling, revising)
Creator:Ginsberg, Allen, 1926-1997
Title:Allen Ginsberg poems and letters
Call No:MSS 0099, F0759
Abstract:Typescript poems, a published letter, a postcard written by Allen Ginsberg, and items related to the article "The Sound of Beat" published in the July 1959 issue of Playboy.
Subjects:American poetry--20th century | Beat generation--History | Poets
Creator:Boland, Eavan
Title:March 1 1847. By the first post : poem
Call No:MSS 0099, F0804
Abstract:Clipping of a poem by female Irish poet, Eavan Boland, as printed in The Independent (London).
Subjects:English poetry--Irish authors--20th century | Poets, Irish--20th century | Poets
Creator:Campbell, Thomas, 1777-1844.
Title:Thomas Campbell letter to Frederick De George
Call No:MSS 0099, F0807
Abstract:Autograph letter signed from Irish poet Thomas Campbell to Frederick De George.
Subjects:English poetry--Irish authors--19th century | Poets, Irish--19th century--Correspondence | Poets
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