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Creator:Dutilh family
Title:Dutilh family business records
Call No:MSS 0573
Abstract:The late-eighteenth and early-nineteenth century business records of Philadelphia merchant Etienne Dutilh and his descendants. The records include ships’ payrolls, bills of lading, bills of exchange, shipping records, and cargo[...] insurance policies.
Subjects:Merchants--United States--History--18th century | Merchants--United States--History--19th century | Coffee industry--United States--History--19th century | Sugar trade--United States--History--19th century | More Subjects
Creator:Clow, Andrew, 1750-1793
Title:Andrew Clow & Co. papers
Call No:MSS 0242
Abstract:Andrew Clow and David Cay were the principal partners of Andrew Clow & Co., an importing/exporting firm based in Philadelphia. The firm owned several ships which traded goods in England,[...] France, Spain, the Bahamas, and ports in the Eastern United States. While the main business of the firm was in trading textile goods, it also shipped other goods, including sugar and grain. The collection contains business correspondence of Andrew Clow & Co., concerning orders and shipments of goods to various ports, payment for goods, and financial agreements between the firm and other merchants. Many of these letters concern business transactions between the firm and Joseph Hadfield, the main agent in London. Other correspondents include Peter Clement (London); Thomas Hadfield; Rathbone & Benson; Tunisey, Power & Co.; DeMierre & Christin (London); and Douat, Labate & Plante. Correspondence after September 1793 (the time of both partners' deaths) concerns matters of the estate.
Creator:Bright, Robert Southall, 1872-1943
Title:Bright family papers
Call No:MSS 0128
Abstract:The Robert Southall Bright Collection concerns the personal and business affairs of theBright family, most notably Philadelphia lawyer Robert Southall Bright (1872-1943) and his wife Caroline de Beelen Bright (d.[...] 1932). The collection comprises 2.3 linear feet of material and contains correspondence, financial and legal items, receipts, insurance policies, leases, speeches, political papers, certificates, invitations and greeting cards, photographs, and ephemera. The collection is divided into five main series: I. Robert S. Bright correspondence, II. financial and legal documents, III. papers concerning other members of the Bright family, IV. miscellaneous papers, and V. photographs.
Creator:Albertson family
Title:Albertson family papers
Call No:MSS 0255
Abstract:The Albertson family papers consist of 1.2 linear feet of material related to this Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania family. The collection spans the dates 1774-1889, and the bulk of the material[...] dates between 1800-1862. The collection includes a variety of correspondence, promissory notes, receipts, account books, ledgers, checks, composition books, reports, contracts, and notes. The collection provides a detailed description of the lives of the Albertson family, especially emphasizing the family's finances. It also provides valuable historical information on the Friends Meeting House at Plymouth, local economy and businesses, and the Plymouth Railroad.
Subjects:Pennsylvania--History--18th century | Pennsylvania--History--19th century
Creator:Friendship Fire Company (Wilmington, Del.)
Title:Records of the Friendship Fire Company, Wilmington, Delaware
Call No:MSS 0463
Abstract:The Friendship Fire Company of Wilmington, Delaware, the first volunteer fire department in the city’s history, was founded in December of 1775 by a group[...] of prominent citizens who were frustrated with the lack of fire protection in their region. After the Revolutionary War, the company made an active effort to recruit more members. During the late-eighteenth and early-nineteenth centuries, the Friendship Fire Company continued to grow. It acquired more sophisticated equipment, including a small hand engine in 1790 to supplement the two supplied by the Borough of Wilmington. The records of the Friendship Fire Company consist of one volume and two loose documents. The documents include the Constitution of the Friendship Fire Company with its Act of Incorporation, dated 15 January 1805, and an undated list of the Company’s rules and regulations, which seems to have been written at the time of the incorporation. The volume contains the Friendship Fire Company’s official minutes from 1784 to 1828 and several other records. The minutes of the semi-monthly meetings of the Company, which make up most of the volume, contain details on the routine operations of the organization. Topics include the Company’s membership and attendance; dues and fines owed by members; the acquisition of firefighting equipment; the elections of officers; and the administration of the Company, including issues relating to incorporation, the bylaws, and the Constitution. Other fire prevention concerns, such as cooperation with other fire companies and local ordinances on chimney maintenance (passed in 1793 and 1803), are also addressed in the minutes.
Creator:Dobson, Alban, 1885-
Title:Austin Dobson collection
Call No:MSS 0644
Abstract:The Austin Dobson collection comprises approximately six linear feet plus oversize material of correspondence, manuscripts, proofs, contracts, royalty statements, artwork, photographs, wills, genealogies, periodicals, clippings, scrapbooks, copper plates, and printed[...] ephemera. The collection documents the work and life of English author and civil servant (Henry) Austin Dobson (1840-1921) and the management of Dobson's estate and literary legacy by his youngest son, Alban Dobson (1885-1962) and his son, Christopher Dobson (1916-2005), primarily during the period between the author's death in 1921 and Alban Dobson's death in 1962.
Subjects:Authors, English--19th century | Authors, English--20th century | Intellectual property--England | Literary agents | More Subjects
Creator:Lenox, David, 1753-1828
Title:Major David Lenox papers
Call No:MSS 0649
Abstract:Major David Lenox (1753-1828) served in the Revolutionary War and later became a successful merchant, Federal marshal, diplomat, and banker in Philadelphia. This collection consists of one linear foot of[...] correspondence relating to David Lenox's career following the Revolutionary War. In particular, these letters focus on land speculation, duties in the Whiskey Rebellion, executorship of estates, banking, personal business and household receipts, and records relating to the settlement of his estate.
Subjects:Whiskey Rebellion, Pa., 1794 | Banks and banking--History--18th century | Banks and banking--History--19th century | Land speculation--Pennsylvania--History--18th century | More Subjects
Creator:Tober, Frank W., 1919-1995
Title:Frank W. Tober French Revolutionary-era song sheets and pamphlets
Call No:MSS 0473
Abstract:Frank W. Tober was born in Detroit, Michigan, in 1919. Dr. Tober maintained a wide range of book collecting interests including the history of printing[...] and publishing, the history of papermaking and the manufacture of paper, the era of Napoleon and the French Revolution, and contemporary fine printing and the book arts. But the cornerstone of Dr. Tober's personal library was his collection on literary forgery. Frank Tober assembled a fascinating collection of examples of forgeries from all periods. This portion of the Tober Collection, comprised of eighteen folders, includes song sheets and pamphlets relating to the political situation in France during the late 1780s and 1790s.
Creator:Creator unknown
Title:Rodney family papers
Call No:MSS 0321
Abstract:The Rodney Family Papers is a small collection (62 items) of genealogical notes and miscellaneous personal papers from a Delaware family prominent, beginning with William Rodney (1660-1708), in the American[...] Revolution and early Federal period of American history. The collection spans the dates 1773-1941 and consists of correspondence, journals, certificates, genealogy, wills, a passport, poetry, newspaper clippings, and essays. Much of the collection consists of photocopies and typescript copies of original materials and family reminiscences. The collection is arranged into two series: the first of genealogical notes and the second of miscellaneous family papers.
Creator:Swift, Dudley
Title:Dudley Swift diary
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0073
Abstract:This diary was kept by Dudley Swift, a resident of Hampden County, Massachusetts, near the town of Chicopee, between 1784 and 1844. He recorded brief entries about the weather and[...] agricultural patterns.
Subjects:Agriculture--History--19th century | Climatology--Observations--History--19th century | Surveyors | Chicopee (Mass.) | More Subjects
Creator:Herbert, Charles, 1757-1808
Title:Charles Herbert Revolutionary War journal
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0037
Abstract:Charles Herbert’s journal chronicles his time as a prisoner of the English during the Revolutionary War. It describes his daily activities and the hardships of prison. Many sections of the[...] diary have been written in code. A cipher is provided.
Subjects:Prisoners of war--England--History--18th century--Diaries. | Cryptography--History--18th century | Prisoners of war | Soldiers | More Subjects
Creator:United States Custom House (Philadelphia, Pa.)
Title:Philadelphia Custom House records
Call No:MSS 0781
Abstract:The Philadelphia Custom House records consist of materials generated by and related to the United States Customs Service of the Port of Philadelphia from 1779 to 1932. These records illustrate[...] commercial and shipping interests, as well as foreign trade relations, in the United States from the late eighteenth to the early twentieth century. The materials also highlight the growth of the U.S. Customs Service as it took on new responsibilities and wielded greater authority over the course of the nineteenth century. In addition to documents related to shipping and paying duties, the collection also contains materials related to marine insurance, the internal administration of the Philadelphia Custom House, and the activity of ship crews.
Subjects:Shipping | Philadelphia (Pa.)--Commerce | Customs administration—Officials and employees | Drawbacks | More Subjects
Creator:Morgan, Lady (Sydney), 1783-1859
Title:Lady Sydney Morgan letter to Henry Colburn
Call No:MSS 0099, F0428
Abstract:Letter from Lady Sydney Morgan to Henry Colburn.
Subjects:Authors, Irish--19th century--Correspondence | Authors
Creator:Virden family
Title:Virden family papers
Call No:MSS 0489
Abstract:This collection relates to the Virden (or Virdin) family of Delaware, specifically Samuel Virden (1793-1876) of Kent County and his descendants. Samuel's children and their spouses also figure prominently in[...] this collection. The Virden family papers, spanning the years 1783-1901, consist of thirty-six letters, receipts, deeds, accounts, and other documents.
Subjects:Families--Delaware--History--19th century | Businesspeople--Delaware--History--19th century | Shipping--Delaware--History--19th century | Businesspeople | More Subjects
Creator:Read, George, 1733-1798
Title:George Read documents regarding the will of Ebenezer Howell
Call No:MSS 0098, F0052
Abstract:American lawyer, politician, and signer of the Declaration of Independence George Read produced an autograph document listing eight payments regarding the will of Ebenezer Howell against the estate of John[...] Evans, as well as another document concerning Ebenezer Howell's sale of his tavern and land in Newark, Delaware, to Henry Darby and subsequently to John Evans.
Subjects:Newark (Del.)
Creator:Dinwiddle, Robert
Title:Official correspondence and Military letters of Virginia colony Lt. Governor Robert Dinwiddie
Call No:MSS 0341
Abstract:Robert Dinwiddie, Lieutenant Governor of the Virginia Colony from 1751 to 1758, was born in Glasgow, Scotland, on October 3, 1692. Collected in two bound volumes and copied from Dinwiddie's[...] original letters, which are deposited in the Virginia Historical Society, the letters were probably part of Sparks's research for his twelve-volume Writings of George Washington (1834-1838). A significant number of Dinwiddie's letters are addressed to George Washington, first in his role as an adjutant in the Virginia militia, and later as a Lt. Colonel during the French and Indian War. Dating between 1754 and 1756, the correspondence in these volumes chronicles three significant years of Dinwiddie's administration as the acting Governor of the Virginia Colony. Each of the bound volumes contains letters arranged in chronological order, totaling over 450 pages of text. The letters reflect Dinwiddie's difficulties in raising funds for defense of the Ohio, his overtures to Britain's Indian allies, his appeals to the Earls of Halifax and Albemarle for political and financial support, and his justification of the pistole tax. The letters confirm Dinwiddie's absolute devotion to British interests in the colonies and document his efforts to protect those interests. In them readers also glimpse some of the early colonial dissatisfaction with British administration, and are introduced to a portion of George Washington's early military career.
Creator:Creator unknown
Title:The Koch-Messchert family papers
Call No:MSS 0329
Abstract:Jacob Gerard Koch, originally from Holland, was an affluent Philadelphia merchant who imported German linens to the United States from approximately 1796 to 1816. After Koch's death, his wife Jane[...] appointed her brother-in-law Matthew Huizinga Messchert, also a former merchant in Philadelphia, and his son, Huizinga Messchert, a young attorney, to be the administrators of Koch's estate. Matthew Huizinga Messchert, like Koch, immigrated to America from Holland and participated in the German trade during the same period. The Koch-Messchert Family Papers consist of 1.5 linear feet of material and is comprised of shipping transactions, legal documents such as powers of attorney and passports, wills, inventories, account books, real estate papers, leases, court documents, and correspondence pertaining to the business of Philadelphia merchant Jacob Gerard Koch. The collection largely consists of papers relating to the settlement of Jacob Gerard Koch's estate, as well as personal correspondence of Jane Koch and the Messchert family.
Creator:Creator unknown
Title:The Marshals of Napoleon collection
Call No:MSS 0384
Abstract:On May 19, 1804, just one day after being proclaimed emperor of France, Napoleon created the office of Maréchal, or "Marshal of the Empire," an[...] elite civil (rather than military) rank that was bestowed upon a number of prominent and loyal generals in his army. Many of those appointed to the Marshalate continued to serve in the army, but others were inactive and served in high-ranking positions within the government. Most received ducal titles in connection with their appointment to the Marshalate, as well as grants of money and privilege. The sixty-seven documents and portraits in the Marshals of Napoleon collection were assembled for their associative value with Napoleon. All but two of Napoleon's twenty-six marshals, Murat and Suchet, are represented. In addition, the collection includes documents from H. J. G. Clarke (appointed Marshal under Louis XVIII), Alexander Lameth, Eugène de Beauharmais, Hughes Marat, Louis Philippe de Ségur, and Napoleon. Each individual is represented by one or more signed documents, and there are portraits of all but Jean Sérurier. The portraits are hand-colored engravings, most of which are plates which were removed from books. The documents in the collection reflect the various administrative duties of the signers; they primarily concern military orders such as the movement of troops or requisition of supplies.
Creator:Scattergood, Thomas, 1748-1814
Title:Thomas Scattergood journal
Call No:MSS 0097, Item 0177
Abstract:This journal was created by Thomas Scattergood (1748-1814), a Quaker minister, pioneer of mental health reform, and early advocate for the creation of Friends Asylum (later Friends Hospital) in Philadelphia,[...] Pennsylvania. It describes his travels to various Quaker Meetings in New Jersey and New York between 1789 and 1792.
Subjects:Travelers--Diaries | Quakers--Pennsylvania--History--18th century | Quakers--New Jersey--History--18th century | Climatology--Observations--History--19th century | More Subjects
Creator:Evens, Thomas
Title:Thomas and John Evens land bonds issued to Moses [Mosis] McDaniel
Call No:MSS 0098, F0120
Abstract:Two bonds by John and Thomas Evens conveying land to Mosis [Moses] McDaniel in Sussex County, Delaware, on July 10, 1777, and July 24, 1778.
Subjects:Sussex County (Del.)