Lester F. Black sample book of calligraphic calling cards

Biographical and Historical Notes

Lester F. Black described his work in a brief rhyming note on the final page of the sample book. He wrote: "This book belongs to Lester Black. A man of great renown, He'll write you cards with skill-ful knack, And do the job up brown." Black's calling card is laid in the sample book and on it he identified himself as a "penman." Black was probably from the United States since the cent sign is used on two cards.


Biographical information derived from the sample book.

Scope and Content Note

Lester F. Black penned the calling cards in this late nineteenth-century volume of thirty calligraphic samples, as well as a brief note on the final page.

This small notebook, with a handwritten cover title "Sample Book," contains samples of thirty calling cards penned by Black on a variety of cards. Four of the cards have a black background and are inscribed in white ink, while others have sculptured borders with gilt edges. Two have Victorian onlay in the shape of a hand pointing to the name. Additionally Black's own calling card is laid in the back of the volume next to the final page on which he wrote a brief note about his work.