Samuel M. Donnell account books

Container List

Account book, 1866-1878 32 cm Volume 1

Contains accounts for the sale of houses for Robert, Moses, and Company, 1866-1869, in Montgomery, Alabama. Also includes notes of amounts of loans made in Montgomery in 1870, a list of cash received from Montgomery during the years 1852-1869, and a list of money at interest, 1859-1869. Detailed accounting of Samuel Donnell's account in the National Bank of Newark during the years 1868 and 1876 is also included. Donnell's interaction with numerous Newark businesses is apparent from his payments to individuals such as Alexander Wilson, C.W. Blandy, George G. Evans, William Dean, and the Casho Machine Company.

Cash account book, 1872-1880 32 cm Volume 2

Endpaper includes notes related to the pedigree of a calf named "Rollo," a small pox remedy, and the holding capacities of cribs in the granary. The book also contains Donnell's accounting of his cash expenditures. Costs include cigars, barber visits, horse feed, household goods, monies received for rents and goods, and monies paid to individuals for goods and services. Names mentioned include Joseph Hossinger, John Lewis, A. Lowber, S.W. Wilson, S. Wright, members of the Cooch family, C.W. Blandy, David Choate, and A.J. Lilley.

Wage accounts, 1868-1880 34 cm Volume 3

Lists accounts of hired hands including African-Americans. The average length of employment was nine months, with most employees receiving housing and other goods in exchange for their labor. Accounts also include the amount of monthly wages for each employee. This account book also contains a cash account for the farm. Paid outs include wages for employees, payments for farming implements and supplies, and Donnell's payments to himself. Deposits include rents and payments received for the sale of farm goods such as eggs and milk. The final page of the volume includes an 1880 account between Donnell and Lorenza Long.

Loan accounts, undated 25 cm Volume 4

Contains a list of how to direct letters to interest payers. Names identified include the Cochrans of Middletown and individuals from Maryland towns such as Elkton, Galena, Cecilton, and Chesapeake City. Also includes a list of money loaned to individuals in Delaware and Maryland.