Joseph Hoare Beale journals

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Diary of the Weather, circa 1799 January 1 Volume 1

Includes house expenses, personal expenses, and some recipes. Includes the card and seal of Joseph Nicholson and a note to his niece.

Construction of the galvanic through [sic], undated Volume 2
Journal of travels from Celyon, in company with Lord Camelford, to Suez, and by land through Egypt, returning to England through the Mediterranean with various island stops, 1796 Volume 3

This journal documents the suicide of Capt. Drummond of the 19th Dragoons. It also includes a reed from New Zealand dated 1844.

Recipes for cakes, jams, syrups, breads, cordials, etc, undated Volume 4
Diary of the Weather, 1811 September 23-1830 December 31 Volume 5
Diary of the Weather, 1832 January 1-1838 December 31 Volume 6
Diary of the Weather, 1839 January 1-1847 April 30 Volume 7
Diary of the Weather, 1847 May 1-1848 December 13 Volume 8
Joseph Hoare Beale holograph notebook of Sir Thomas Moore's "Sacred Melodies", undated Volume 9