S. Christian, notes of a trip to Europe and return

Biographical and Historical Notes

S. Christian (first name unknown) was a resident of the United States in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He traveled with his spouse on a pleasure trip to Europe in the year 1900.

Biograpgical information derived from collection.

Scope and Content Note

This journal documents the voyage of S. Christian from New York City to Liverpool, England, to New York City on the liner Campania after a sightseeing trip to Europe.

S. Christian noted in his journal that his party consisted of a Mrs. C, Hart, Miss M Norrell, and Mrs. Christian (presumably his wife). Christian began his journey across the Atlantic to Europe on July 11, 1900, on the steamship New York. from New York City. The journal began with a description of the ship and departure from the harbor, description of accomodations