Journal of a voyage from Boston to Calcutta

Biographical and Historical Notes

The ship Aubree was based in Boston, Massachusetts. The logbook was written by John W. Allen, under the command of Capt. Ward, and covers two voyages: a year-long round trip voyage (July 1833-July 1834) from Boston to Calcutta and a five-month journey (September 1834-February 1835) from Boston to New Orleans.


Information derived from the collection.

Scope and Content Note

This logbook documents one Atlantic Ocean voyage and one Indian Ocean voyage aboard the ship Aubree and contains navigational data, weather reports, and information about crew duties for each journey. The log covers one round trip voyage between Boston and Calcutta occurring from July 15, 1833, to July 21, 1834, and a one way voyage from Boston to New Orleans between September 14, 1834, and February 2, 1835.

The log is a leather bound volume, circa 120 pages, filled with ink entries within printed columns of specific navigational and weather information.

Log entries for certain date ranges are missing and appear to have been removed. The missing pages would have included information dated between August 27-30, 1833, and March 19-April 7, 1834. In addition, there were no entries made between November 2, 1833 and March 1, 1834, which represents the period of time that the ship was docked in Calcutta.