Thomas Coode manuscript recipe book

Biographical and Historical Notes

The name, Thomas Coode, and the date, 1816, are inscribed in the front inside cover of this pocket-sized book of manuscript recipes. Coode is assumed to be the creator of the volume.


Information derived from the collection.

Scope and Content Note

Thomas Coode’s nineteenth-century manuscript recipe book contains instructions for domestic and trade processes ranging from plate cleaning and preserving meat to preparing fireworks and varnishes. The volume also features notes on book-binding and glazing mezzotint prints.

This nineteenth-century pocket-sized bound book of manuscript recipes and instructions for domestic and trade processes was apparently created by Thomas Coode, who inscribed the front cover “Thos Coode 1816.” The small leather-bound book contains fifty-nine numbered pages followed by eleven pages, all of which contain ink writing on unlined paper. Five of the entries are dated (1861, 1863, April 1864, 14 February 1865, 1868). The numbered pages are followed by fifty-seven blank pages.

Within the notebook, the author has copied recipes and instructions for a variety of subjects. Topics include making fireworks, producing ink, applying glaze to mezzotint prints, preserving birds and meat, producing varnish, medicinal receipts, room scenting, bookbinding, gardening, and livestock care. Some of these recipes were copied from contemporary magazines such as Mechanics Magazine or New Monthly Magazine, and the notes on binding books make reference to “Dr. Rees’s New Cyclopedia [of Arts, Sciences, and Literature 1819].”