Land indenture between Robert Ferguson, his wife Jane, and Joseph Kinkead, New-Ark, New Castle County, Delaware

Biographical and Historical Notes

Robert Ferguson was a yeoman who, with his wife Jane, sold a parcel of land in Newark to Joseph Kinkead in 1781. He had previously purchased the land from Hugh Glasford on February 21, 1780.

Joseph Kinkead was a clock-maker who purchased land in Newark from Robert Ferguson in 1781. He sold the property to John Ochletree in 1796. Four years later he purchased four acres on the road from Newark to Welsh Tract. Previously (1788), Kinkead bought 20 acres near the Christiana Bridge on the road to Newark from Benjamin Ogle. In that deed Kinkead is described as "watchmaker of White Clay Hundred."


Conrad, Henry C. "Old Delaware Clock-Makers." Papers of the Historical Society of Delaware, no. 19-23: 28-29.

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Scope and Content Note

This land indenture between Robert Ferguson, his wife Jane, deeds a parcel of land located in New-Ark, White Clay Creek Hundred in New Castle County, Delaware, to Joseph Kinkead on July 24, 1781.

The deed includes a detailed provenance of the transfer of this land from its granting to John Guest in 1702 to the current sale. It also includes a description of the parcel of land's exact location, citing names of the neighbors bordering the property, including Richard Thomas, Robert Wallace, Dr. Samuel Platt, and James Anderson. Finally, the deed is signed and witnessed by Samuel Platt, Samuel MacGregor, and Hugh Glasford. It was recorded by Robert Booth and acknowledged in New Castle County Court of Common Pleas by James Bedford on August 5, 1784, information available on the verso of the document.