Document certifying delegates to the Republican National Convention

Biographical and Historical Notes

The Delaware Republican State Convention was held in Dover, Delaware, on May 17, 1888.

The Convention was presided over by President W. Hastings, with Delaware physician and politician Caleb R. Layton serving as Convention Secretary. At the Convention six delegates and six alternate delegates were selected to represent the state at the Republican National Convention held in Chicago, Illinois, on June 19-25, 1888. During this meeting Benjamin Harrison and Levi P. Morton were nominated to fill the Republican ticket for President and Vice President respectively.


Republican National Convention, and George Francis Dawson. Official Proceedings of the Republican National Convention Held at Chicago, June 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 and 25, 1888. Chicago: Blakely Printing Company, 1888.

Scope and Content Note

Consists of one handwritten document certifying six delegates and six alternates as representatives of the State of Delaware at the Republican National Convention held in Chicago, Illinois, on June 19, 1888. The document, drafted by the Delaware Republican State Convention, is signed by Convention President W. Hastings and Secretary Caleb R. Layton.

The document lists Henry C. McLear, Edward G. Bradford, Joseph R. Whittaker, and Charles H. Treat, as Delegates at Large from the State of Delaware, with William H. Berry, Samuel Aldrich, John H. Hoffecker, and William B. Records, serving as alternate. Additionally, Alvin P. Connor and Charles H. Maull were selected as Delegates from the Congressional District composed of the State of Delaware, with Daniel P. Barnard, Jr. and Hiram W. McColley serving as their alternates.

The verso of the document reads, "Certification of Hiram W. McColley alternate to Charles H. Maull to the National Republican Convention to be held at Chicago June 19th 1888," suggesting that the document was once in the possession of Mr. McColley.