Saint George's Chapel, Indian River Hundred : Its history and its restoration : typescript

Biographical and Historical Notes

Saint George's Chapel was built in 1719 to accommodate the needs of farmers and plantation owners who lived on the outskirts of the town of Lewes, Delaware.

Saint George's Chapel was destroyed by fire in 1792, but rebuilt in 1794 in the early Federal style. After the fire, the new structure was built of bricks, unusual for the period, and the bricks were fired on the spot. The chapel was redesigned in 1850 and remodeled again in 1882 in a Victorian Gothic style. An extensive restoration in 1966 returned the building to its original design and appearance.

Today the chapel is a part of the Episcopal Diocese of Delaware and The Episcopal Parish of All Saints' Church and St. George's Chapel, with regular services and activities.


"1794 - St. George’s Chapel - Harbeson, Delaware," Dated Buildings and Cornerstones on (accessed November 2011). The Episcopal Parish of All Saints' Church and St. George's Chapel. (accessed November 2011). Information derived from the collection.

Content Description

One mimeographed typescript of a paper titled, "Saint George's Chapel, Indian River Hundred: Its history and Its restoration," detailing the various construction episodes of Saint George's Chapel in Harbeson, Delaware, dating back to the eighteenth-century, with particular emphasis on the church's construction and its restoration in 1966.

Following a brief discussion of the settlement of the Lewes area, this history chronicles the building and maintenance of St. George's Chapel, with the attention given to the physical structure. Information on each rebuilding, renovation, and restoration is very detailed, with an occasional reference to a "spirit of competition" with St. Peter's Church in Lewes, a sister Episcopal church in the same parish.

Although the document is not dated, it includes a discussion of the church restoration which was begun in June 1966. The document concludes: "During its long history, St. George's Chapel has never been closed except for brief intervals, and now, newly restored, it looks forward to many more centuries as 'an abode of ancient peace.'" A cornerstone on St. George's Chapel dates the restoration as 1967.