The preacher's practice : short story

Biographical and Historical Notes

St. John Greer Ervine (1883-1971

Irish playwright, drama critic, and author St. John Greer Ervine (1883-1971) is best known for his plays, some of which were staged at the Abbey Theatre. He also managed the Abbey Theatre for a brief period.


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Scope and Content Note

This small collection contains a short story, "The Preacher's Practice," and a newspaper obituary clipping of St. John Greer Ervine. There is an autograph addition on the cover sheet along with a stamp from the literary agent Paul R. Reynolds. The first page of the text bears a cross-through of Ervine's name and address. The obituary clipping has an autograph of the date January 22, 1971. His date of death is actually January 24, 1971.