Charles Bukowski poems and letter

Container List

"Crucifix in a Deathhand", undated Printed copy of holograph poem, 1 p. Box 49, F0758
"46 and 9/10's", 1975 Typescript carbon, 1 p. Box 49, F0758

Signed and dated, "Charles Bukowski 1-27-75."

"the silver mirror (for Georgia K.)", 1975 Typescript carbon, 1 p. Box 49, F0758

Signed and dated "Charles Bukowski 12-18-75."

"upon listening to symphony music while drunk", undated Typescript (ribbon copy), 1 p. Box 49, F0758

Initialed "C. B." with original pen and ink doodle.

Letter to E. V. Griffith, 1960 Typescript letter (with enclosure), 2 pp. Box 49, F0758

With place and date "Los Angeles, Calif. / early December 1960," signed by Charles Bukowski, with 1960-1961 prospectus for The Outsider .

Prospectus for The Outsider , 1960 1 item Box 49, F0758

Announcing availability of Number One, Winter 1960-61 issue, from editor Jon Edgar Webb, New Orleans. Bukowski is listed among contributors and this prospectus includes a sample page of Gregory Corso's long poem "the american way." The prospectus is inscribed by the editor, "J. G. - Get with it man! JEW."