How to save your own life : a novel : manuscript

Biographical and Historical Notes

Erica Jong

Feminist novelist, poet, and essayist Erica Jong has published 20 books, including eight novels, six volumes of poetry, six books of non-fiction, and numerous articles in magazines and newspapers.

In her first novel, Fear of Flying (1973), she introduced Isadora Wing, who is also a central character in three subsequent novels: How to Save Your Own Life (1977), Parachutes and Kisses (1984), and Any Woman's Blues (1990).


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Scope and Content Note

This typescript manuscript of How to Save Your Own Life : a novel, written by Erica Jong in 1977, bears light corrections.

The typescript bears the copyright date of 1977 and comprises 8 preliminary pages and 341 numbered pages. The half-title page bears the autograph signature of the author, while the full title page denotes the publishers as "Holt, Rinehart and Winston, New York." The typescript contains some hand-penned annotations and revisions in ink.

This novel continues the story of Isadora Wing, the protagonist from Jong's earlier novel Fear Of Flying, three years after the events depicted in the first novel. Preliminary pages include "About the book" and "About the author."