Brian Coffey letters to Mark Axelrod

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The letters are arranged chronologically.

Typed letter signed, 1978 July 20 1 item (3 pp.) Box 59, F0854

The letter includes a separate handwritten note of postscript. Coffey wrote about French symbolism, poetry, and invited Axelrod to visit his home in Southampton.

Typed letter signed, 1978 August 14 1 item (2 pp.) Box 59, F0854

Coffey wrote about comparative literature, the philosophical idea of "what is it to be human," and suggests ideas for future research or possibly dissertation topics.

Typed letter signed, 1978 October 21 1 item (1 p.) Box 59, F0854

The typed letter ends with a handwritten postscript. Coffey discussed creative writing, the possible study of Paul Eluard, and the connection between poet and scholar.

Typed letter signed with envelope, 1990 September 26 1 item (1 p.) Box 59, F0854

In this letter Coffey wrote about Samuel Beckett and included Coffey's poem, "One Way."