Hilary Boyle letter to Priontios D. Ó Scannlain

Biographical and Historical Notes

Hilary Boyle

Dublin activist Hilary Boyle was born in Jamaica, but spent most of her childhood in Ireland.

She left Ireland as a young married woman but returned in 1934 to stay. In 1962, she moved to Dublin where she became the garden columnist for Hibernia and contributed radio spots for the Sunday Miscellany on Raidió Teilifís Éireann, Ireland's National Public Service Broadcaster. She was active with the Dublin Housing Action Committee and championed a variety of causes, including peace issues.


Information derived from MSS 0287, Kay Boyle Papers relating to Research on Irish Women.

Priontios D. Ó Scannlain

Priontios D. Ó Scannlain knew Hilary Boyle during the 1960s when they were on campaigns together.


Information derived from Priontios D. Ó Scannlain, e-mail messages to Rebecca Johnson Melvin, March 25 and April 8, 2011.

Scope and Content Note

On May 23, 1974, Hilary Boyle wrote this thank-you letter to Priontios D. Ó Scannlain while she was hospitalized at St. Vincent's Hospital in Dublin, Ireland.

In her handwritten letter Hilary Boyle acknowledged Priontios D. Ó Scannlain's kind letter of encouragement and noted how much it meant to her. She contrasted his letter to some of the "anonymous poison pen letters" which rejoiced in her suffering and were signed, "Holy Catholic Irish Mother."